IMOS Animal Tracking Database

The IMOS Animal Tracking Database is one of eleven facilities of the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS). IMOS Animal Tracking represents the higher biological monitoring of the marine environment for the IMOS program.

Currently IMOS Animal Tracking uses acoustic technology, CTD satellite trackers and bio loggers to monitor costal and oceanic movements of marine animals from the Australian mainland to the sub-Antarctic islands and as far south as the Antarctic continent.

IMOS Animal Tracking is set up to collect data over a long period of time. This sustained approach will enable researchers to assess the effects of climate change, ocean acidification and other physical changes that affect animals within the marine environment.

Currently a large range of fish, sharks and mammals are collecting a wide range of data. This includes behavioural and physical data such as the depth, temperature, salinity and movement effort of individual marine animals.


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