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Project CSIRO: Animal Tagging
Species 37014001 - Rhincodon typus (Whale Shark)
Capture Locality not recorded
Capture Location
Capture Date Time 2010-07-20T23:30:00+0930
Capture Method OTHER
Date/Time Tag Placement Treatment Comments
. 2010-07-20T23:30:00+0930 A69-1303-8497 EXTERNAL NO ANESTHETIC
Type Value Units Estimated Comments
. TOTAL LENGTH 380.0 cm no
Release Locality not recorded
Release Location
Release Date Time 2010-07-20T23:30:00+0930
Comments Fisheries WA vessel FD20 Name: Jane Tag at base of midline of dorsal fin, RHS Water depth = 7 m
Embargo Date 22/10/2013