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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Shoalhaven Array ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 1 [CM_044]
. Mangrove Bay Inner ARRAY Ningaloo Shark Nursery 12 [MBS3, MBS8, MBS2, MBS4, MBS5, MBS7, MBS1, MBS10, MBS11a, MBS9, MBS11, MBS6]
. Pt Henry CURTAIN Bluefin tuna GAB 20 [Pt Henry 10, Pt Henry 16, Pt Henry 2, Pt Henry 13, Pt Henry 1, Pt Henry 18, Pt Henry 20, Pt Henry 17, Pt Henry 15, Pt Henry 7, Pt Henry 9, Pt Henry 11, Pt Henry 5, Pt Henry, Pt Henry 3, Pt Henry 12, Pt Henry 4, Pt Henry 6, Pt Henry 14, Pt Henry 8]
. Chatham Is CURTAIN Bluefin tuna GAB 20 [Chatham Is 5, Chatham Is 8, Chatham Is 18, Chatham Is 3, Chatham Is 7, Chatham Is 10, Chatham Is 16, Chatham Is 13, Chatham Is 15, Chatham Is 1, Chatham Is 2, Chatham Is 19, Chatham Is 20, Chatham Is 11, Chatham Is 4, Chatham Is 9, Chatham Is 12, Chatham Is 17, Chatham Is 14, Chatham Is 6]
. HS CURTAIN Bluefin tuna GAB 3 [HS 2, HS 1, HS 3]
. Shoalhaven River ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 60 [Shoalhaven River 40, CM_076, Ind_008, CM_039, CM_081, Ind_007, CM_066, Shoalhaven River 38, CM_028, HB_002, Shoalhaven River 46, CM_049, CM_053, Shoalhaven River 30, CM_012, CM_059, CM_043, Shoalhaven River 34, Ind_001, Ind_006, CM_075, CM_093, CM_040, Ind_002, Ind_005, CM_027, Shoalhaven River 31, CM_103, Shoalhaven River 29, CM_009, CM_064, Ind_004, Shoalhaven River 37, HB_001, Shoalhaven River 42, Shoalhaven River 45, CM_101, CM_082, Shoalhaven River 47, Shoalhaven River 49, Shoalhaven River 44, Shoalhaven River 39, CM_044, CM_092, CM_026, Shoalhaven River 48, Shoalhaven River 41, CM_070, Shoalhaven River 35, CM_071, CM_069, CM_084, CM_037, CM_038, Shoalhaven River 50, Shoalhaven River 36, Ind_003, Shoalhaven River 32, Shoalhaven River 33, Shoalhaven River 43]
. Clyde River ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 34 [Clyde_006, Clyde_016, Clyde_018, Clyde_031, Clyde_003, Clyde_013, Clyde_019, Clyde_001, Clyde_029, Clyde_020, Clyde_011, Clyde_033, Clyde_012, Clyde_034, Clyde_015, Clyde_009, Clyde_010, Clyde_021, Clyde_017, Clyde_026, Clyde_014, Clyde_008, Clyde_022, Clyde_030, Clyde_028, Clyde_032, Clyde_002, Clyde_007, Clyde_027, Clyde_005, Clyde_025, Clyde_023, Clyde_004, Clyde_024]
. Georges River ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 42 [Georges_006, Georges_016, Woronora_002, Georges_023, Woronora_004, Georges_011, Georges_008, Woronora_005, Georges_014, Georges_004, Georges_001, Georges_031, Georges_034, Georges_018, Georges_019, Woronora_007, Georges_029, Georges_012, Georges_033, Georges_027, Georges_020, Georges_007, Georges_013, Woronora_006, Georges_017, Georges_021, Georges_005, Woronora_001, Georges_024, Georges_009, Georges_002, Georges_022, Georges_003, Georges_030, Woronora_008, Woronora_003, Georges_025, Georges_028, Georges_032, Georges_026, Georges_010, Georges_015]
. Clyde River VPS ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 38 [C2_09, C2_14, C1_13, C2_02, C2_22, C2_20, C2_03, C1_08, C1_06, C1_03, C1_10, C2_06, C1_15, C1_09, C2_04, C2_12, C2_13, C2_16, C2_15, C1_07, C2_23, C1_05, C1_04, C2_18, C1_14, C2_08, C2_10, C2_21, C2_19, C1_11, C2_17, C1_01, C2_01, C1_02, C2_11, C2_07, C2_05, C1_12]
. Estuarine gates CURTAIN NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 34 [Moruya_003, Moruya_001, Burril_002, BrisbaneWater_002, Moruya_002, Basin_002, Minnamurra_001, Hunter_001, Conjola_001, Cooks_001, Illawarra_001, Conjola_002, Hacking_001, BrisbaneWater_001, Tuggerah_002, Conjola_003, Cooks_002, Cooks_001, Hawkesburry_001, Burril_001, Illawarra_002, Hawkesburry_003, Pittwater_001, Hawkesburry_002, Macquarie_001, Tuggerah_001, Basin_001, Hunter_002, Tuggerah_003, Pittwater_002, Minnamurra_002, Hacking_002, Cooks_002, Macquarie_002]
. Nearshore stations SINGLE NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 10 [SHO_8, SHO_5, SHO_1, SHO_7, SHO_10, SHO_4, SHO_3, SHO_2, SHO_6, SHO_9]
. Gated Estuaries CURTAIN NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks 26 [Manning 1, Hastings 1, Hastings 2, Bellinger, Nambucca 1, Manning 5, Richmond 2, Macleay 2, Manning 3, Nambucca 2, Hastings 3, Wallis 3, Brunswick, Tweed 1, Evans, Richmond 1, Tweed 2, Manning 2, Macleay 3, Kalang, Wallis 2, Manning 4, Macleay 1, Wallis 1, Camden 1, Camden 2]
. Sydney Harbour ARRAY NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks 57 [Mann Pt 150m, Rushcutter's Bay, Spit Bridge, Darling Harbour, Mann Pt 500m, Spectacle Island - Green, Chiswick, Balmain, Elliot St, Mortlake Point, Nielson Park 400m, Opera House, Nielson Park 600m, Archer Point, Abbotsford, Goat Island - Red, Darling Harbour 2015, Balls Head, Sugarloaf Bay, Quaker's Hat, Shark Island, Shark Bay, Mann Pt 300m, Black Channel Buoy - Entrance, Cobbler's Beach, Homebush Bay 1, Spectacle Island - Red, Spectacle Island - Red, Red Channel Buoy - Entrance, Wentworth Point, Point Piper Naval Mooring, Castlecrag, Quarantine Station, Clark Island, Clontarf, Opp. Peacock Point, Goat Island - Green, Balmoral Bay, Chowder Bay, Nielson Park 200m, Meadowbank, Kirribilli, Garden Island, Hen and Chicken, Dobroyd Head, Western Wedding Cake, Grotto Point, Sow & Pigs, Green Channel Buoy - Entrance, Cabarita Park, Taylor's Bay, Lane Cove, Bantry Bay, Castle Cove, Bradley's Head - Iso mark, Homebush 3, Fairlight - North Harbour, Mann Point]
. Sydney Offshore ARRAY NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks 10 [Wotomalla, Between Bondi And South Head (Sth), Cronulla East (Sth of Shelly/Oak), Between Bondi And South Head (Nth), Marly, Merries Reef, Cronulla Beach (Puerulus collector), South Long Bay, Cape Banks, Nth Head - Bluefish Pt]
. Port Hacking ARRAY NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks 10 [Green Marker off Bass and Flinders. Pole 004, Jibbon Beach East, Lille Pilli Port Pole, Bate Bay Nth, Red Maritime Buoy (066), Deer Park Port Pole, Bundeena East, South West Arm, Bate Bay Sth, Audley Port Pole]
. Clarence River ARRAY NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks 12 [Iluka - Entrance, Harwood Sugarmill, Yamba Harbour, The Broadwater, Esk River, North Arm - Ashby, Freeburn Island (North), Romiaka Channel, Yamba - Entrance, Rabbit Island (South), Serpentine Creek, Middle Wall]
. North Stradbroke Island SEQ ARRAY UQ Project Manta east Australia 5 [NSI_Manta Bommie West, South Gorge, NSI_Shag Rocks, NSI_Manta Bommie_East, NSI_Flat Rock_Nursery]
. Moreton Bay ARRAY JCU Moreton Bay dugong movement 31 [Moreton Bay 15, Moreton Bay 17, Moreton Bay 24, Moreton Bay 26, Moreton Bay 25, Moreton Bay 6, Moreton Bay 28, Moreton Bay 3, Moreton Bay 22, Moreton Bay 10, Moreton Bay 18, Moreton Bay 7, Moreton Bay 16, Moreton Bay 4, Moreton Bay 12, Moreton Bay 14, Moreton Bay 27, Moreton Bay 21, Moreton Bay 30, Moreton Bay 2, Moreton Bay 19, Moreton Bay 11, Moreton Bay 8, Moreton Bay 23, Moreton Bay 20, Moreton Bay 1, Moreton Bay 29, Moreton Bay 13, Moreton Bay 31, Moreton Bay 9, Moreton Bay 32]
. Aldinga ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 7 [Aldinga 2, Aldinga 1, Aldinga 3, Aldinga 4, Aldinga 6, Aldinga 5, Aldinga 7]
. Lake Macquarie - Artificial Reef ARRAY NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 27 [ps3, bon2, ps2, south chan, bar, Macquarie_002, kil, Macquarie_001, pbah3, tor, pbah1, ps1, boltp2, ps4, pbah4, coapl3, er2, wang, bon1, pbah2, top ar, sum1, nr2, coapl2, boltp1, sum2, coalp1]