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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Lizard Island, QLD ARRAY Rabbitfish territory fidelity - north Queensland 18 [PALFREY_8, TURTLE_3, PALFREY_5, NORTH_3, PALFREY_3, TURTLE_1, SOUTH ISL_1, NORTH REEF_1, PALFREY_7, VICKIS_2, NORTH_2, TURTLE_4, VICKIS_1, PALFREY_1, PALFREY_2, PALFREY_6, TURTLE_2, PALFREY_4]
. Lobster Bay ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 1 [Lobster Bay]
. Lodestone Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 8 [Lodestone 8, Lodestone 7, Lodestone 6, Lodestone 2, Lodestone 1, Lodestone 5, Lodestone 4, Lodestone 3]
. Logan ARRAY Logan River TERN network 32 [GrifLIW, L178, A173, L179, Grifjpinm, A171, RBC186, L181, A175, L148, KANG, L183, Grifpintip, L185, L188, L177, L184, L180, KALINW, EDEN, PINN, JACOB, GrifRIN, STEIGL, PINS, GrifPAN, A172, LOGANM, A176, KALIN, GrifLIE, L189]
. Long Bay, Malabar ARRAY MQ Bronte-Coogee Aquatic reserve (BCAR) 6 [LB 2, LB 4, LB 3, LB 6, LB 5, LB 1]
. Long Reef - the wall SINGLE NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 1 [Long Reef]
. Longspit - SA ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 17 [Longspit Inside, LSPRC 9R, LSPRC 12R, LSPRC 17R, LSPRC 6R, LSPRC 8RT, LSPRC 3R, LSPRC 16R, LSPRC 14R, LSPRC 5R, LSPRC 15R, LSPRC 13R, Longspit Outside, LSPRC 11R, LSRCKS 1R, LSPRC 7R, LSPRC 4R]
. Lord Howe Island Marine Park ARRAY Galapagos shark movement patterns in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park 14 [Southwest corner of LHI shelf, Halfway between Balls Pyramid and SE rock, Southern tip of LHI, Western edge of LHI shelf, Northeast corner of Balls Pyramid shelf, Northwest corner of Lord Howe Island shelf, Halfway between Admiralty Islands and northern edge of LHI shelf, North Passage, East of Admiralty Islands, Southeast corner of LHI shelf, Mount Gower fish cleaning area, Admiralty Islands Sanctuary Zone, Southern end of Balls Pyramid shelf, Northeast corner of Lord Howe Island shelf]
. Mangrove Bay Inner ARRAY Ningaloo Shark Nursery 12 [MBS8, MBS9, MBS11, MBS5, MBS11a, MBS10, MBS7, MBS3, MBS2, MBS4, MBS6, MBS1]
. Mangrove jack telemetry ARRAY Mangrove Jack in NSW 29 [DC13, DC12, CR2, DC8, CR4, DC15, DC6, DC10, DC7, CR7, CRSZ1, CRSZ2, DC4, CR10, CRSZ4, DC9, CR5, DC3, CR6, DC11, DC1, CR9, CR12, CR11, DC5, CR8, DC2, CR3, DC14]
. Merimbula OAR SINGLE NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 1 [Merimbula OAR]
. Montague Island ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 2 [Montague Island 1 Gutter North side, Montague Island 2 Gutter West side]
. Moon Island ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 1 [Moon Island]
. Moreton Bay ARRAY JCU Moreton Bay dugong movement 31 [Moreton Bay 15, Moreton Bay 14, Moreton Bay 27, Moreton Bay 18, Moreton Bay 23, Moreton Bay 20, Moreton Bay 24, Moreton Bay 9, Moreton Bay 29, Moreton Bay 21, Moreton Bay 12, Moreton Bay 4, Moreton Bay 28, Moreton Bay 10, Moreton Bay 17, Moreton Bay 32, Moreton Bay 30, Moreton Bay 2, Moreton Bay 13, Moreton Bay 26, Moreton Bay 11, Moreton Bay 31, Moreton Bay 8, Moreton Bay 25, Moreton Bay 16, Moreton Bay 22, Moreton Bay 1, Moreton Bay 19, Moreton Bay 7, Moreton Bay 3, Moreton Bay 6]
. Moreton Bay Offshore SINGLE UQ grey nurse shark project 2 [Flat Rock, Cherubs Cave]
. Moreton Island - Grey Nurse Shark Installation ARRAY Grey Nurse Shark_Diver Interactions 2 [HR114817_Henderson Rock, CC102003_CherubsCave]
. Nearshore stations SINGLE NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 10 [SHO_9, SHO_4, SHO_5, SHO_7, SHO_6, SHO_2, SHO_8, SHO_10, SHO_3, SHO_1]
. Neptune Islands, SA ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 11 [NN_7, NN_2, NN_5, SN_3, NN_VR4G_VR2W, NN_4, NN_1, NN_3, SN_2, NN_6, SN_1]
. Norfolk SINGLE Norfolk Island tiger shark tracking 1 [Norfolk Headstone]
. Norfolk Bay ARRAY Mechanisms and consequences of a climate-driven range extension of snapper Chrysophrys auratus in southeast Tasmania 0 []