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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Wolf Rock - Grey Nurse Shark Installation ARRAY Grey Nurse Shark_Diver Interactions 19 [Round Rock, ST04 WR, ST03 WR, ST14 WR, ST15 WR, ST16 WR, ST12 WR, ST06 WR, ST01 WR, ST09 WR, ST18 WR, ST07 WR, ST08 WR, ST17 WR, ST10 WR, ST11 WR, ST13 WR, ST02 WR, ST05 WR]
. Jervis Bay (rays) ARRAY Stingray Diaries Acoustic tracking of short-tail stingrays 5 [Murrays Boat Ramp, Woollamia Boat Ramp Downstream, Upstream Currambene Creek, Jervis Bay (rays), Callala Bay Pier]
. Bendalong Array ARRAY Bendalong Array 10 [B5, B2, B7, B9, B6, B10, B3, B1, B8, B4]
. AIMS QDAF FADs ARRAY AIMS Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland 10 [FAD9, FAD4, FAD7, FAD2, FAD1, FAD10, FAD5, FAD8, FAD6, FAD3]
. IMOS-ATF Ningaloo Reef North Line CURTAIN IMOS-ATF / CSIRO Ningaloo Reef Ecosystem Tracking Array (NRETA) 7 [NL3, NL4, NL7, NL6, NL5, NL1, NL2]
. CSIRO Ningaloo Reef ARRAY IMOS-ATF / CSIRO Ningaloo Reef Ecosystem Tracking Array (NRETA) 59 [MB45A, MBJH3A, MB33, MB74A, MB11C, MB32A, MB5C, MBBOM1, MB42A, MB31A, MB46A, MB35A, MBBOM2, MB20A, MBBOM3, MB6A, MB69B, MB38A1A, MB2A, MB40A, MB26, MBJH5A, MB41, MB12A, MB24B, MB24A1, MB34A, MB19, MB28A, MB1A, MB72A, MB16A, MB14A, MB68B, MB73A, MB75, MBJH1A, MB25A, MB39, MB43A1, MB18A, MB44, MB13A1, MB36A1, MBJH2A, MB29, MB15A, MB8B, MB70B, MB27, MB37, MBJH4A, MB23A, MB71B, MB22A, MBJH7A, MB21A, MB9B, MB30A]
. IMOS-ATF Bondi Line CURTAIN IMOS-ATF Bondi line 30 [BL 24, BL 4, BL 29, BL 10, BL 23, BL 27, BL 28, BL 3, BL 18, BL 25, BL 19, BL 1, BL 16, BL 22, BL 2, BL 15, BL 6, BL 21, BL 20, BL 11, BL 12, BL 30, BL 14, BL 17, BL 8, BL 26, BL 5, BL 13, BL 7, BL 9]
. IMOS-ATF Orpheus Island ARRAY IMOS-ATF / JCU Orpheus Island 42 [l1, ORPH F1, ORPH 14, M2, ORPH 3, Orph 20, Orph 16, Little Pioneer Bay N, ORPH 10, ORPH 6, ORPH 8, Orph 19, l3, ORPH 2, ORPH F2, Orph 21, ORPH 15, Pioneer Bay, Orph 17, Little Pioneer Bay S, ORPH 12, ORPH 7, ORPH P3, ORPH 4, ORPH 5, ORPH 1, l6, ORPH 11, Cattle Bay S, ORPH 9, l5, ORPH P1, ORPH P2, l4, Cattle Bay N, Orph 22, M1, ORPH 13, Orph 23, Orph 18, Little Pioneer Bay Mid, l2]
. IMOS-ATF / OTN Cape Barren Island line CURTAIN IMOS-ATF / OTN Cape Barren Island line 42 [CBL 24, CBL 7, CBL 22, CBL 17, CBL 16, CBL 34, CBL 10, CBL 38, CBL 31, CBL 26, CBL 20, CBL 9, CBL 4, CBL 35, CBL 28, CBL 40, CBL 6, CBL 5, CBL 14, CBL 32, CBL 18, CBL 15, CBL 30, CBL 1, CBL 36, CBL 2, CBL 33, CBL 21, CBL 37, CBL 12, CBL 42, CBL 19, CBL 8, CBL 39, CBL 27, CBL 3, CBL 13, CBL 11, CBL 41, CBL 23, CBL 29, CBL 25]
. Groote Eylandt ARRAY AIMS Quantifying the use of Indigenous Marine Protected Areas by threatened bycatch species adjacent to highly productive fishing grounds 19 [GE16, GE12, GE11, GE07, GE18, GE06, GE05, GE10, GE14, GE09, GE19, GE08, GE03, GE04, GE13, GE01, GE17, GE15, GE02]
. Botany Gate CURTAIN NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 3 [Botany Gate North, Botany Gate South, Botany Bay Artificial Reef]
. South Sydney Artificial Reef Array ARRAY NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 9 [BOAR 5, BOAR 2, BOAR 6, BOAR 7, BOAR 4, BOAR 8, South Group, BOAR 3, BOAR 1]
. Port Hacking Gate CURTAIN NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 2 [Port Hacking Gate North, Port Hacking Gate South]
. Norfolk SINGLE Norfolk Island tiger shark tracking 1 [Norfolk Headstone]
. Shoalhaven OAR SINGLE NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 1 [Shoalhaven OAR]
. Merimbula OAR SINGLE NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 1 [Merimbula OAR]
. Coffin Bay Array ARRAY Kingfish in South Australia 28 [CB07, CB16, CB26, CB09, CB05, CB04, CB20, CB18, CB14, CB17, CB03, CB23, CB02, CB22, CB15, CB19, CB27, CB10, CB08, CB24, CB06, CB21, CB28, CB13, CB11, CB12, CB01, CB25]
. Flinders Uni Fleurieu & Victor Harbour ARRAY IMOS-ATF South Australian Acoustic Tracking Network 11 [Kings, Second Valley, Port Elliott, Horse Shoe Reef Sth, Granite Island, Horse Shoe Reef Nth, Port Noariunga, Seal Island, Bluff, Cape Jervis, Gull Rock]
. IMOS-ATF / SARDI Moorings South Australia ARRAY IMOS-ATF South Australian Acoustic Tracking Network 7 [Taylor Island, SAM5CB, SAM8SG, Drummond, Granites, Avoid Bay, NRSKAI]
. Flinder Uni White Shark Cage Diving Industry Monitoring ARRAY IMOS-ATF South Australian Acoustic Tracking Network 16 [St02, St10, South Neptunes, St03, St08, St15, St01, St11, St09, St04, St05, St14, St12, St13, St06, St07]