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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Hawks Nest, NSW ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 48 [HN B11, HN B01.7, HN B2, HN A10, HN A11, HN-01, HN B05.7, MB-4, HN A3, HN A6, MB-2, HN A12, HN-10, HN-12, HN B8, HN B7, HN B5, HN B4, HN-09, MB-3, HN B3, HN A8, HN-08, HN B1, HN North.1, HN-11, HN A1, HN A7, HN B12, BiB 02.1, HN-04, HN B9, HN A9, HN-03, BiB 01.1, HN-05, HN B6, HN-13, HN A13, MB-1, HN A4, HN-07, MB-5, HN-02, HN-06, HN B10, HN A2, HN A5]
. Cleveland Bay ARRAY JCU Cleveland Bay 63 [E12, W17, E3, E29, W4, E27, E7, E1, W14, E18, E24, E31, C9, C7, E10, E34, E6, W3, C2, E25, E11, E22, E26, E28, C5, W19, W20, E13, E30, C8, C3, E8, E17, W11, W13, W10, E19, C6, W16, E20, E9, E33, E15, E23, E14, C4, W2, W7, E32, W15, W18, E21, W5, E5, E16, E2, W8, W9, W1, E4, E35, C1, W12]
. BCAR ARRAY MQ Bronte-Coogee Aquatic reserve (BCAR) 14 [BCAR 11, BCAR 1, BCAR 8, BCAR 7, BCAR 10, BCAR 2, BCAR 3, BCAR new 1, BCAR 6, BCAR 9, BCAR 5, BCAR Clovelly, BCAR 4, BCAR Gordons]
. Neptune Islands, SA ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 11 [NN_7, NN_4, NN_VR4G_VR2W, SN_3, SN_1, NN_2, NN_3, SN_2, NN_1, NN_6, NN_5]
. Grange CURTAIN Gulf St Vincent monitoring 2 [Grange 2, Grange 1]
. Torrens River Mouth CURTAIN Gulf St Vincent monitoring 4 [Torrens River Mouth 1, Torrens River Mouth 3, Torrens River Mouth 2, Torrens River Mouth 4]
. Semaphore Reef CURTAIN Gulf St Vincent monitoring 5 [Semaphore Reef 1, Semaphore Reef 5, Semaphore Reef 2, Semaphore Reef 4, Semaphore Reef 3]
. Black Pole ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 4 [Out, Outer Harbour Channel, Black Pole, Outer Harbour Channel 2]
. NSW DPI Wollongong Drummer Array ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 15 [Wollongong_011, Wollongong_013, Puckies, Gong331, Wollongong_009, Bellambi, Wollongong_002, Wollongong_001, Wollongong_008, 325 Wollongong, 320 Wollongong, Wollongong_006, Wollongong_010, Gap, Wollongong_007]
. NSW DPI offshore FAD array ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 29 [Wave Recorder Coffs Harbour, FAD Eden, FAD Terrigal, FAD Crowdy Head, FAD Byron Bay, Wave Recorder Byron Bay, FAD Batemans Bay, FAD Laurieton, FAD Tweed Heads, FAD Swansea, FAD Sydney South, Sydney Mooring 140m, FAD Botanywide, FAD Port Macq, FAD Jervis Bay, FAD Wollongong, FAD Evans Head, FAD Coffs Harbour, FAD Forster, FAD Kiama, FAD Sydney Nth, Coffs Harbour Mooring 100m, FAD Sydney East, FAD Wooli, FAD Sydney Hbr, FAD Port Stephens, FAD SWR, Offshore Artificial Reef Sydney, FAD Ballina]
. Yongala Tracking array ARRAY The Yongala's Halo of Holes - Who is Digging It 10 [Y6, Y9, Y8, Y5, Y1, Y7, Y3, Y10, Y2, Y4]
. AIMS Scientific Zone Townsville CURTAIN AIMS Scientific Zone 15 [AIMS small pontoon, New Position WP1, SSRZ 1, SSRZ 3, SSRZ 9, SSRZ 7, AIMS Pontoon, SSRZ 10, SSRZ 12, SSRZ 8, SSRZ 2, SSRZ 11, SSRZ 5, SSRZ 4, SSRZ 6]
. VIC DPI Port Phillip Bay ARRAY VIC Fisheries Snapper - Port Phillip Bay 47 [Gaso 4 shallow, St Leonards Pier, Turning bouy (Clifton Springs), The heads 7, Aircraft/Aeroplane, Gaso Deep, The heads 2, Symmonds Channel # 1, Anonyma shoal(Sandringham), Barge Carrum, Frankston Inner reef (knob), Dumb Joe, Gellibrand, Channel Portarlington, 9ft bank (Pt Lillias Channel), Yakka reef, Ansetts, Mornington Hospital, West Channel # 1, Carrum Wide, Symmonds Channel # 2 - Wst of # 1, Woolies, Mordialloc natural reef, The Heads 8, Finger, The heads 5, South Channel # 2 - Wst of # 1, Seaford 16m, P2, The heads 1, Rec reef, The heads 4, Point Ormond, Faulkner Beacon, Tedesco reef, Spoilground, Tyre reef, St Kilda Magpie R3, The heads 6, Mornington paddock, The heads 0, West Channel # 2 - Sth of # 1, Ricketts natural reef, Point Henry, South Channel # 1, The heads 3, Mornington Wide]
. Corner Inlet, Victoria ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 27 [Toora_1, WP_02.4, Lewis_1, WP_05.2, FranklinChannel_1, WP_10.2, FranklinChannel_2, WP_09.2, WP_01.2, Rabbit_10m, WP_01.4, WP_05.4, Rabbit_15m, Rabbit_22m, WP_09.4, WP_09.3, WP_10.3, WP_01.4, WP_10.3, FranklinEast_2, Rabbit_20m, WP_01.3, WP_05.3, WP_02.2, FranklinEast_1, WP_02.3, WP_10.4]
. Rowley Shoals ARRAY Rowley Shoals reef shark tracking 2007 15 [Imperieuse 5, Imperieuse 7, Clerke 6, Imperieuse 3, Imperieuse 4, Imperieuse 6, Clerke 2, Mermaid 1, Clerke 3, Imperieuse 2, Clerke 4, Imperieuse 1, Clerke 5, Clerke 1, Mermaid 2]
. Osprey Reef ARRAY Coral Sea Nautilus tracking project 5 [North Entrance point, Coral Castles, Entrance wall, Raging Horn, Admiralty Osprey]
. Seven Gill tracking in Coastal Tasmania ARRAY Seven Gill tracking in Coastal Tasmania 71 [L1 Norfolk Bay - Dart Island, F9 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, G2 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, L3 Norfolk Bay - Dart Island, H06 Fredrick Henry Bay, F1 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, H04 Fredrick Henry Bay, D3 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, X2 Norfolk Bay - King George Island, EH2 EagleHawk, Der08 Derwent - Upper, B2 Derwent - Lower, PW1 Pittwater, F4 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, H01 Fredrick Henry Bay, E4 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, Der06 Derwent - Upper, G8 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, H02 Fredrick Henry Bay, B1 Derwent - Lower, H09 Fredrick Henry Bay, F8 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, F6 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, F5 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, A4 Derwent - Middle, Der09 Derwent - Upper, F7 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, B4 Derwent - Lower, Der10 Derwent - Upper, E3 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, F3 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, J2 Dennes Pt, A3 Derwent - Middle, G5 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, DC1 Dunally Canal, E1 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, EH1 EagleHawk, Der05 Derwent - Upper, Der07 Derwent - Upper, G7 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, B6 Derwent - Lower, A1 Derwent - Middle, Der01 Derwent - Upper, G1 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, PW2 Pittwater, H03 Fredrick Henry Bay, H08 Fredrick Henry Bay, G3 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, F2 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, A5 Derwent - Middle, B3 Derwent - Lower, Der04 Derwent - Upper, X3 Norfolk Bay - King George Island, D1 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, J1 Dennes Pt, A2 Derwent - Middle, Der02 Derwent - Upper, B7 Derwent - Lower, Der03 Derwent - Upper, X1 Norfolk Bay - King George Island, B5 Derwent - Lower, H05 Fredrick Henry Bay, E2 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, D2 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, D4 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, H10 Fredrick Henry Bay, G6 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, H07 Fredrick Henry Bay, L2 Norfolk Bay - Dart Island, H11 Fredrick Henry Bay, G4 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point]
. Ardrossan - SA ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 29 [AR16RT, AR15R, AGROS 3R, AR 3R, AR20R, AR12R, AR13R, BAR 1R, AR 9R, AR NTH 1R, ARNTH 3R, AR 5R, AR17R, AR18R, AR 8RT, AR1RT, AR 6R, AGROS 2R, AR NTH 2R, ARNTH 4R, AR11RT, AR 4R, AR 7R, AR 2R, ZAN 1R, AR19R, AGROS 1R, AR 10R, AR14R]
. Longspit - SA ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 17 [Longspit Inside, LSPRC 11R, LSPRC 15R, LSPRC 12R, LSRCKS 1R, LSPRC 9R, LSPRC 5R, LSPRC 7R, LSPRC 13R, LSPRC 3R, LSPRC 14R, LSPRC 6R, LSPRC 17R, LSPRC 8RT, Longspit Outside, LSPRC 4R, LSPRC 16R]
. Black Point - SA ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 2 [BP 1R, BP 2R]