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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Wenlock River ARRAY Wenlock River Array, Gulf of Carpentaria 112 [Ducie Mouth Upstream, Cullen Point, Wenlock mouth A, Ling Creek Upstream, Rifle Bird Upstream, Upstream Coolibah, Jut Out Upstream 1, Sawfish New, Hudson junction, WENMTH2M, Top of Islands, Stones Downstream, Woodfords, Sandy Bend, Hudson Left, Rifle Bird Bend, Upper Chicaine, DUC2, Sawfish New 2, Jabaru upstream 2, Cullen Point N, Speartooth 1, Jabaru upstream, Processing plant, Wenlock Mouth A, PM1, DUC1, Coolibah, Sawfish, Wenlock mouth B, Gibson Waterhole, Ducie Half Way Upper, Island Haul Out, Chicaine 2, Rifle Bird Bend 2, PM2, Speartooth 2, Sandfly Creek 1, Rocky Hole, Rifle Bird Mid, Speartooth 1, Ling Creek, Tentpole Upstream 1, WNM, Wenlock mouth B2, Stones far Downstream, Tentpole Creek, Tentpole Mouth 1, Coolibah 2, Jut Out Midstream, Cullen Point S, Namaleeda Upstream, Tentpole Mouth 3, TPUPP, Speartooth 3, Cloughs landing, Tentpole Mid, Island Downstream, Coolibah waterpump, Hudson Mouth, Batavia 3, Cullen Point N, TPMTNEW1, Ducie 2, Stones upstream, Skarden River, Hudson, Bullshark Camp, Jut Out Downstream, Hudson to Tentpole, Chicaine 3, Ling Creek Downstream, Nimrod Creek, Tentpole Mid, Overhang, Jut Out Upstream, Ling Creek 3, TPDSTWNMOR, Jut Out Midstream 2, Cullen Point S, WTTPDS, Tentpole upstream 1, Jabaru midstream, Island Midstream, Ducie Mouth Downriver, Jardines Landing, Jabaru, Batavia 2, Rifle Bird Bend Downstream, Ducie 1, Processing Plant 2, Speartooth 2, WNTH, Stones far Upstream, Old Shack 2, Batavia 1, Namaleeda Downstream, Rifle Bird Creek, Island Downstream 2, Namaleeda Creek, TPTWIN, Tentpole Upstream 2, Tentpole Mouth 2, Chicaine 1, Processing Plant, Wenlock Mouth B, Ducie 3, Sandfly Creek, Ling Creek Midstream, Old Shack, Mouth Tentpole, Island Midstream 2]
. Stewart Island NZ ARRAY New Zealand white shark tracking 25 [West Edwards Is, Oreti Beach, Bunker Is, East Ulva Is, East Bench Is, Seal Rocks South, East Edwards Is, The Haystacks, Fairchild Rocks, Bird Is, Halfway Rocks, Breaksea Is, Toetoe Bay, Bullers Pt, Dog Is, North Is, Seal Rocks North, North Head, Polybank Shoal, North Bench Is, SW Bench, Native Is, Big Glory Bay, West Ulva Is, Hazelburgh Group]
. Little Broadhurst Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 2 [Little Broadhurst 2, Little Broadhurst 1]
. Lodestone Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 8 [Lodestone 4, Lodestone 2, Lodestone 3, Lodestone 6, Lodestone 1, Lodestone 7, Lodestone 5, Lodestone 8]
. Helix Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 9 [Helix 3, Helix 9, Helix 7, Helix 2, Helix 8, Helix 4, Helix 6, Helix 5, Helix 1]
. Wheeler Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 5 [Wheeler 4, Wheeler 3, Wheeler 2, Wheeler 5, Wheeler 1]
. Davies Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 2 [Davies 1, Davies 2]
. Centipede Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 2 [Centipede 2, Centipede 1]
. Lady Elliot Island SEQ ARRAY UQ Project Manta east Australia 6 [LEI_LHB, LEI_Spider's Ledge, LEI_Sunset Drift, LEI_Severence, LEI_Tubes, LEI_Groupers]
. NSW DPI North Sydney Drummer Array ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 15 [Manly_007, Manly_015, Manly_013, Manly_006, Manly_008, Manly_010, Manly_005, Manly_001, Manly_004, Manly_012, Manly_009, Manly_014, Manly_002, Manly_003, Manly_011]
. Kangaroo Island - Harveys Return ARRAY Blue Groper habitat mapping Kangaroo Island 10 [R7, R2, R10, R6, R9, R8, R3, R4, R1, R5]
. Long Reef - the wall SINGLE NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 1 [Long Reef]
. Estuarine (Lake Macquarie) ARRAY NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 0 []
. OAR (Sydney) ARRAY NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 4 [Dunbar South, Dunbar North, Sydney OAR, North Head]
. Edward Wakool ARRAY NSW DPI Edward Wakool 0 []
. NSW DPI Jervis Bay array ARRAY NSW DPI Jervis Bay 70 [JBVPS12, JB8, JBGate5, JB15, JBVPS16, JB28, JB25, JB29, JBVPS9, JBSG5, JBVPS13, JBVPS15, JBVPS17, JBSG6, JBSG1, JB19, JB23, JB17, JBVPS4, JB6, JB27, JBVPS6, JB24, JB14, JB3, JB20, JBVPS19, JB10, JBGate7, JB26, JB12, JB24, JBGate4, JB4, JB9, JBVPS5, JBSG8, JBVPS14, JBVPS1, JBVPS11, JB21, JBSG10, JB7, JBVPS3, JB13, JBSG2, JBSG4, JB5, JB30, JB22, JBGate2, JB31, JBSG3, JB11, JBGate3, JBVPS7, JBGate6, JB2, JBVPS8, JBVPS2, JB18, JB16, JBVPS18, JBSG7, JBVPS10, JBGate1, JBVPS20, JBSG9, JB1, JBGate8]
. Kangaroo Island - Penneshaw ARRAY Harlequin fish habitat mapping Kangaroo Island 7 [No 6, No 5, No 2, No 7, No 4, No 3, No 1]
. 60 nm closure ARRAY Bruce Barker's project 72 [GU01116, GU0214, GU035, GU033, GU021, GU01119, GU029, GU0311, GU0319, GU0211, GU0217, GU038, GU01115, GU0210, GU032, GU0174, GU0317, GU025, GU037, GU0316, GU027, GU0318, GU0313, GU0158, GU0216, GU0213, GU0320, GU034, GU0159, GU0162, GU0173, GU01121, GU0160, GU0212, GU0155, GU036, GU0157, GU0143, GU0221, GU0142, GU0323, GU0141, GU0156, GU0161, GU0144, GU0140, GU01117, GU01113, GU022, GU0146, GU0314, GU0145, GU024, GU0219, GU0312, GU023, GU0322, GU0172, GU01118, GU039, GU0220, GU01114, GU0315, GU0163, GU0321, GU0215, GU028, GU0218, GU0310, GU031, GU01123, GU026]
. Port Stephens Offshore ARRAY Port Stephens Marine Park tracking project 25 [BO03, AQ2, CT11, TM01, BO02, LI01, CT05, CT03, Gun Sights Reef, YA01, BO01, CT08, Deep1, CT04, BRBI01, Oakland, HN-A10, CT01, Deep2, CT07, CT06, AQ1, CT09, Deep3, CT02]