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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. 60 nm closure ARRAY Bruce Barker's project 72 [GU0210, GU0173, GU0142, GU0217, GU0323, GU01121, GU0216, GU0140, GU01123, GU036, GU01114, GU037, GU0310, GU039, GU0156, GU01117, GU0219, GU01116, GU0161, GU0314, GU0145, GU01115, GU035, GU0213, GU0211, GU032, GU029, GU0172, GU0218, GU038, GU0316, GU0315, GU028, GU0174, GU0313, GU0163, GU025, GU0321, GU0320, GU023, GU0311, GU0220, GU0318, GU033, GU0155, GU0215, GU01113, GU0312, GU0221, GU022, GU024, GU0212, GU0141, GU034, GU0214, GU026, GU01119, GU0162, GU0157, GU027, GU0146, GU0143, GU0144, GU0319, GU0317, GU0158, GU0322, GU0160, GU031, GU01118, GU021, GU0159]
. AIMS QDAF FADs ARRAY AIMS Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland 10 [FAD10, FAD2, FAD6, FAD7, FAD1, FAD5, FAD9, FAD4, FAD8, FAD3]
. AIMS Scientific Zone Townsville CURTAIN AIMS Scientific Zone 15 [SSRZ 7, New Position WP1, SSRZ 5, SSRZ 2, SSRZ 10, SSRZ 1, SSRZ 11, SSRZ 8, SSRZ 12, AIMS small pontoon, SSRZ 6, SSRZ 3, SSRZ 4, SSRZ 9, AIMS Pontoon]
. Aldinga ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 7 [Aldinga 4, Aldinga 3, Aldinga 1, Aldinga 2, Aldinga 6, Aldinga 7, Aldinga 5]
. Arc reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 1 [Arc 1]
. Ardrossan - SA ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 29 [AR12R, AR 6R, AR18R, ARNTH 3R, AR 7R, AGROS 3R, ARNTH 4R, AR17R, AR1RT, AR11RT, AGROS 1R, AR14R, AR 5R, AR 4R, AR16RT, AR15R, AGROS 2R, AR 10R, AR19R, ZAN 1R, AR20R, AR13R, AR 3R, AR NTH 1R, AR 8RT, AR 9R, AR 2R, AR NTH 2R, BAR 1R]
. Bass Point ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 1 [Bass Point 1 Deep Gutters]
. Bass Strait 2015 ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 40 [E-08, C-12, E-15, E-20, C-08, C-05, E-14, C-11, E-02, E-16, C-09, E-10, E-07, E-12, C-07, E-04, C-20, C-03, E-06, C-04, C-18, C-17, E-09, E-05, E-11, C-15, E-18, C-06, C-10, C-16, C-01, C-14, E-01, E-13, C-19, C-13, E-03, E-19, E-17, C-02]
. Batt reef ARRAY JCU North QLD tiger shark tracking 8 [B3, B2, B7, B5, B1, B6, B8, B4]
. BCAR ARRAY MQ Bronte-Coogee Aquatic reserve (BCAR) 14 [BCAR 9, BCAR 3, BCAR 1, BCAR 6, BCAR Gordons, BCAR 11, BCAR Clovelly, BCAR 8, BCAR 2, BCAR new 1, BCAR 5, BCAR 10, BCAR 4, BCAR 7]
. Bendalong Array ARRAY Bendalong Array 10 [B3, B4, B10, B7, B1, B9, B5, B2, B8, B6]
. Beware Reef - Victoria SINGLE CSIRO: Animal Tagging 1 [BR_001]
. Black Point - SA ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 2 [BP 2R, BP 1R]
. Black Pole ARRAY Gulf St Vincent monitoring 4 [Out, Outer Harbour Channel 2, Outer Harbour Channel, Black Pole]
. Bondi Range experiment CURTAIN IMOS-ATF Bondi range experiment 2009 10 [Bondi range test 10, Bondi range test 1, Bondi range test 6, Bondi range test 4, Bondi range test 5, Bondi range test 8, Bondi range test 9, Bondi range test 3, Bondi range test 2, Bondi range test 7]
. Botany Gate CURTAIN NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 3 [Botany Gate North, Botany Bay Artificial Reef, Botany Gate South]
. Bramble Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 4 [Bramble 3, Bramble 4, Bramble 1, Bramble 2]
. Broughton ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 6 [Broughton Island 4 Shark Gutter (Deep), Broughton Island 1 Sth Looking Glass, Broughton Island 6 Shark Gutter (Shall), Broughton Island 3 East Head, Broughton Island 2 Nth Looking Glass, Broughton Island 5 North Rock]
. Brush Island ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 2 [Brush Island 1 Pinnacle, Brush Island 2 The Gutter]
. Byron Bay ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 4 [Julian Rocks 3 The Nursery, Mackerel Boulders, Julian Rocks 1 The Cod Hole, Julian Rocks 2 Hugos Trench]