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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Pelican Island MMP ARRAY Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland 0 []
. North Keppel Island MMP ARRAY Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland 0 []
. AIMS QDAF FADs ARRAY Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland 10 [FAD5, FAD3, FAD8, FAD9, FAD1, FAD6, FAD10, FAD4, FAD7, FAD2]
. Coastal Array Queensland ARRAY Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland 5 [Repulse Bay MMP, Pelican Island MMP, North Keppel Island MMP, Dunk Island MMP, Double Cone Island MMP]
. Groote Eylandt ARRAY AIMS Quantifying the use of Indigenous Marine Protected Areas by threatened bycatch species adjacent to highly productive fishing grounds 19 [GE12, GE02, GE09, GE19, GE16, GE04, GE05, GE18, GE07, GE01, GE14, GE17, GE15, GE03, GE10, GE06, GE08, GE13, GE11]
. AIMS Scientific Zone Townsville CURTAIN AIMS Scientific Zone 15 [SSRZ 9, SSRZ 1, SSRZ 2, SSRZ 6, SSRZ 8, SSRZ 12, SSRZ 4, AIMS Pontoon, SSRZ 11, AIMS small pontoon, SSRZ 10, SSRZ 7, SSRZ 3, New Position WP1, SSRZ 5]
. Bendalong Array ARRAY Bendalong Array 10 [B5, B6, B10, B9, B7, B1, B2, B3, B8, B4]
. Chatham Is CURTAIN Bluefin tuna GAB 20 [Chatham Is 3, Chatham Is 8, Chatham Is 2, Chatham Is 13, Chatham Is 16, Chatham Is 7, Chatham Is 9, Chatham Is 10, Chatham Is 11, Chatham Is 20, Chatham Is 17, Chatham Is 5, Chatham Is 12, Chatham Is 14, Chatham Is 1, Chatham Is 6, Chatham Is 18, Chatham Is 15, Chatham Is 19, Chatham Is 4]
. HS CURTAIN Bluefin tuna GAB 3 [HS 1, HS 2, HS 3]
. Pt Henry CURTAIN Bluefin tuna GAB 20 [Pt Henry 3, Pt Henry 14, Pt Henry 18, Pt Henry 4, Pt Henry 9, Pt Henry 15, Pt Henry 1, Pt Henry 7, Pt Henry, Pt Henry 10, Pt Henry 16, Pt Henry 6, Pt Henry 13, Pt Henry 11, Pt Henry 8, Pt Henry 20, Pt Henry 2, Pt Henry 12, Pt Henry 17, Pt Henry 5]
. Kangaroo Island - Harveys Return ARRAY Blue Groper habitat mapping Kangaroo Island 10 [R3, R8, R10, R9, R2, R6, R4, R7, R1, R5]
. 60 nm closure ARRAY Bruce Barker's project 72 [GU01118, GU032, GU0217, GU01116, GU028, GU0319, GU0145, GU0156, GU0322, GU01123, GU039, GU0143, GU024, GU037, GU0161, GU0316, GU01121, GU0214, GU026, GU034, GU0218, GU0210, GU0215, GU0221, GU0321, GU0140, GU025, GU01113, GU0155, GU0315, GU0220, GU0160, GU029, GU036, GU0141, GU0157, GU0213, GU023, GU038, GU0173, GU0320, GU0317, GU021, GU022, GU0159, GU01114, GU0146, GU0310, GU01115, GU0163, GU0313, GU0311, GU0211, GU0216, GU0312, GU035, GU01119, GU0162, GU0174, GU0323, GU0172, GU0158, GU0314, GU01117, GU033, GU0142, GU0318, GU0144, GU031, GU0212, GU027, GU0219]
. South-east Tasmania array ARRAY Chondrichthyan monitoring of south-east Australia 1 [E1 - Norfolk Bay]
. Clever Buoy Trial 2016 SINGLE Clever Buoy Shark Detection System 2 [Clever Buoy Bondi, Clever Buoy Chowder Bay]
. Osprey Reef ARRAY Coral Sea Nautilus tracking project 5 [Admiralty Osprey, North Entrance point, Entrance wall, Raging Horn, Coral Castles]
. Neptune Islands, SA ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 12 [NN_5, NN_6, NN_7, NN_2, SN_1, Neptune 1, NN_VR4G_VR2W, SN_2, SN_3, NN_4, NN_1, NN_3]
. Corner Inlet, Victoria ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 27 [WP_01.4, WP_09.4, Rabbit_20m, WP_10.2, FranklinChannel_1, WP_05.2, WP_01.4, FranklinEast_2, WP_05.3, WP_10.3, Rabbit_22m, WP_02.3, WP_10.3, FranklinChannel_2, WP_01.3, FranklinEast_1, Rabbit_15m, WP_05.4, Toora_1, WP_01.2, Rabbit_10m, WP_09.2, WP_09.3, WP_10.4, WP_02.2, Lewis_1, WP_02.4]
. Bass Strait 2015 ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 40 [C-07, E-02, E-05, C-06, E-01, E-14, C-09, C-08, C-19, E-12, C-02, C-01, C-03, E-19, C-14, C-18, E-04, C-17, E-16, C-16, E-18, C-10, C-11, E-06, E-17, E-07, C-15, E-13, E-10, E-09, C-05, E-20, E-08, C-13, E-11, E-03, C-04, C-20, E-15, C-12]
. Beware Reef - Victoria SINGLE CSIRO: Animal Tagging 1 [BR_001]
. Hawks Nest, NSW ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 48 [BiB 01.1, HN A8, HN-03, HN B05.7, HN B01.7, HN A3, HN B1, HN-01, HN-09, HN B10, HN A2, HN-11, HN A10, HN A6, HN B3, MB-4, HN B4, MB-1, HN-06, HN B9, HN B8, MB-5, HN-04, HN A1, HN A13, HN B11, HN A12, BiB 02.1, HN-07, HN-02, HN B7, HN-05, HN A4, HN-08, HN B5, HN A7, MB-2, HN B12, MB-3, HN-12, HN B2, HN A11, HN-13, HN B6, HN A5, HN-10, HN A9, HN North.1]