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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Raine Island ARRAY JCU North QLD tiger shark tracking 1 [Raine is.]
. Remote offshore islands (incl. Pearson/Flinders islands) ARRAY IMOS-ATF South Australian Acoustic Tracking Network 3 [South Pages Island, AusOcean, North Pages Island]
. Rib Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 4 [Rib 4, Rib 1, Rib 3, Rib 2]
. Roper River ARRAY Roper River Array 28 [The Swing d/s, Four Mile, Between Rocky Bar and The Swing, Red Rock, Water pump, u/s Big River reach, Red Lily, Rocky Bar d/s, NLC, Rockbar 24 d/s, Roper Bar u/s, Rocky Bar u/s, Rockbar 27 d/s, Two Mile, Twelve Mile Yards, Flying Fox near Bringun, Roper Bar d/s, Moroak, Scraper d/s, Boat ramp at tagging pool, Flying Fox boat ramp, Rockbar 24 u/s, The Swing u/s, Mole Hill, Camp, Scraper u/s, Rockbar 27 u/s, Little Roper]
. Rowley Shoals ARRAY Rowley Shoals reef shark tracking 2007 15 [Clerke 1, Mermaid 2, Imperieuse 7, Imperieuse 5, Clerke 2, Mermaid 1, Imperieuse 6, Imperieuse 4, Clerke 3, Clerke 4, Imperieuse 2, Imperieuse 3, Clerke 6, Clerke 5, Imperieuse 1]
. Seal Rocks ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 5 [Big Seal Rocks 1 Northern End, Little Seal Rocks 2 Amphitheatre, Little Seal Rocks 1 Gutter, Big Seal Rocks 2 The Cavern, Big Seal Rocks 3 The Grotto]
. Semaphore Reef CURTAIN Gulf St Vincent monitoring 5 [Semaphore Reef 2, Semaphore Reef 3, Semaphore Reef 5, Semaphore Reef 1, Semaphore Reef 4]
. Seven Gill tracking in Coastal Tasmania ARRAY Seven Gill tracking in Coastal Tasmania 71 [G8 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, B3 Derwent - Lower, B2 Derwent - Lower, PW2 Pittwater, EH2 EagleHawk, F7 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, A1 Derwent - Middle, L3 Norfolk Bay - Dart Island, F1 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, L2 Norfolk Bay - Dart Island, F2 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, X3 Norfolk Bay - King George Island, G3 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, A2 Derwent - Middle, Der01 Derwent - Upper, Der09 Derwent - Upper, H09 Fredrick Henry Bay, E2 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, A4 Derwent - Middle, Der03 Derwent - Upper, EH1 EagleHawk, H11 Fredrick Henry Bay, H10 Fredrick Henry Bay, Der06 Derwent - Upper, PW1 Pittwater, H08 Fredrick Henry Bay, H01 Fredrick Henry Bay, B5 Derwent - Lower, B4 Derwent - Lower, H06 Fredrick Henry Bay, B1 Derwent - Lower, B6 Derwent - Lower, E1 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, E3 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, G7 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, F8 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, Der08 Derwent - Upper, F9 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, J2 Dennes Pt, B7 Derwent - Lower, D1 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, G1 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, G6 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, G2 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, G4 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, A5 Derwent - Middle, D3 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, DC1 Dunally Canal, J1 Dennes Pt, F5 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, H04 Fredrick Henry Bay, D4 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, Der07 Derwent - Upper, H07 Fredrick Henry Bay, F3 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, Der02 Derwent - Upper, L1 Norfolk Bay - Dart Island, F6 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, Der05 Derwent - Upper, H03 Fredrick Henry Bay, H02 Fredrick Henry Bay, D2 Norfolk Bay - Cascade Bay, Der10 Derwent - Upper, X2 Norfolk Bay - King George Island, F4 Norfolk Bay - Ironstone Point, Der04 Derwent - Upper, H05 Fredrick Henry Bay, X1 Norfolk Bay - King George Island, G5 Norfolk Bay - Princess Point, E4 Norfolk Bay - Primrose Point, A3 Derwent - Middle]
. Shoalhaven Array ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 1 [CM_044]
. Shoalhaven OAR SINGLE NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 1 [Shoalhaven OAR]
. Shoalhaven River ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 60 [Shoalhaven River 35, Shoalhaven River 50, CM_053, CM_037, Shoalhaven River 40, Ind_008, Shoalhaven River 29, CM_084, CM_012, Shoalhaven River 37, CM_040, Shoalhaven River 41, CM_059, Shoalhaven River 48, CM_092, CM_081, Ind_003, Ind_007, CM_027, Shoalhaven River 39, Shoalhaven River 33, CM_064, Shoalhaven River 30, CM_049, CM_038, Shoalhaven River 47, CM_044, CM_076, CM_026, CM_103, Shoalhaven River 38, HB_002, CM_082, CM_075, Ind_002, CM_039, Shoalhaven River 36, CM_043, Shoalhaven River 31, HB_001, CM_071, CM_066, Ind_005, CM_093, Shoalhaven River 49, Ind_006, Shoalhaven River 34, Shoalhaven River 44, CM_070, CM_101, Shoalhaven River 46, Ind_001, Shoalhaven River 45, CM_028, CM_009, CM_069, Shoalhaven River 32, Shoalhaven River 43, Ind_004, Shoalhaven River 42]
. Solitary Islands Marine Park ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 10 [SIMP 7 Sth Sol Buchanans Wall, SIMP 5 Sth Sol Manta Arch, SIMP 9 Groper Island, SIMP 8 Split Solitary, SIMP 3 Nth Sol Anemone Bay, SIMP 1 Nth Sol Elbow Cave, SIMP 6 - Sth Sol Boulder Wall, Pimpernel Rock, SIMP 4 Nth West Solitary Island, SIMP 2 Nth Sol Eastern side]
. South-east Tasmania array ARRAY Chondrichthyan monitoring of south-east Australia 1 [E1 - Norfolk Bay]
. South Sydney Artificial Reef Array ARRAY NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) 9 [BOAR 6, BOAR 1, BOAR 7, BOAR 5, BOAR 4, BOAR 3, South Group, BOAR 8, BOAR 2]
. South West Rocks ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 5 [Green Island, Fish Rock 4 NE Pinnacle, Fish Rock 1 - SE, Fish Rock 3 NW, Fish Rock 2 - SW]
. Stewart Island NZ ARRAY New Zealand white shark tracking 25 [Big Glory Bay, East Edwards Is, North Bench Is, Bunker Is, Bird Is, Seal Rocks South, North Head, Toetoe Bay, SW Bench, Hazelburgh Group, Oreti Beach, North Is, Dog Is, The Haystacks, Breaksea Is, Bullers Pt, Halfway Rocks, Fairchild Rocks, West Ulva Is, Native Is, East Bench Is, East Ulva Is, Seal Rocks North, West Edwards Is, Polybank Shoal]
. Stockton Bight ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 2 [Stockton Bight Stockton Breakwall, Stockton Bight Morna Point]
. Sunshine Coast SINGLE UQ grey nurse shark project 8 [Arkwright Shoal 1, Mudjimba Island, Barwon Banks 1, Gneerings, Arkwright Shoal 2, Hamilton Patches, Barwon Banks 2, Sunshine Reef]
. Sydney ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 4 [Clovelly Pool, Gordons Bay, Jibbon Bombora, Magic Point]