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Name Configuration Project No. Stations Stations
. Catherine Hill Bay ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 1 [Catherine Hill Bay]
. Centipede Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 2 [Centipede 2, Centipede 1]
. Central Qld SINGLE UQ grey nurse shark project 2 [Bustard Head, AIMS site]
. Chatham Is CURTAIN Bluefin tuna GAB 20 [Chatham Is 15, Chatham Is 13, Chatham Is 5, Chatham Is 2, Chatham Is 9, Chatham Is 1, Chatham Is 17, Chatham Is 11, Chatham Is 14, Chatham Is 20, Chatham Is 18, Chatham Is 8, Chatham Is 4, Chatham Is 7, Chatham Is 19, Chatham Is 6, Chatham Is 16, Chatham Is 12, Chatham Is 3, Chatham Is 10]
. Chicken reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 10 [Chicken 6, Chicken 10, Chicken 3, Chicken 4, Chicken 2, Chicken 7, Chicken 9, Chicken 1, Chicken 8, Chicken 5]
. Clarence Array ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 18 [CL16, CL2, CL15, CL7, CL11, CL8, CL14, CL12, CL9, CL4, CL10, CL6, CL3, CL13, CL1, CLA1, CLA2, CL17]
. Clarence River ARRAY NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks 12 [North Arm - Ashby, Yamba - Entrance, Yamba Harbour, Freeburn Island (North), Iluka - Entrance, Romiaka Channel, Rabbit Island (South), Serpentine Creek, Middle Wall, Esk River, Harwood Sugarmill, The Broadwater]
. Cleveland Bay ARRAY JCU Cleveland Bay 67 [E31, E29, E10, W5, E24, W18, E30, E18, E6, W8, Z_Alligator Creek, E4, W7, E25, E1, E12, E11, E32, E23, E13, W16, W17, C6, W9, W12, C2, Z_Police, W19, E14, E33, W4, E17, E8, E21, E28, E7, E20, C7, E5, E9, E22, W20, C5, C1, E34, Z_Mud Bay, W2, E35, C9, C4, W13, E26, W1, W14, W10, W15, E2, Z_Crocodile Creek, C3, C8, E16, E3, E15, E27, W3, E19, W11]
. Clever Buoy Trial 2016 SINGLE Clever Buoy Shark Detection System 2 [Clever Buoy Bondi, Clever Buoy Chowder Bay]
. Clyde River ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 34 [Clyde_001, Clyde_034, Clyde_005, Clyde_011, Clyde_033, Clyde_018, Clyde_003, Clyde_015, Clyde_019, Clyde_031, Clyde_014, Clyde_017, Clyde_007, Clyde_008, Clyde_016, Clyde_026, Clyde_023, Clyde_028, Clyde_027, Clyde_021, Clyde_022, Clyde_013, Clyde_009, Clyde_025, Clyde_012, Clyde_020, Clyde_004, Clyde_002, Clyde_006, Clyde_010, Clyde_029, Clyde_032, Clyde_024, Clyde_030]
. Clyde River VPS ARRAY NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) 38 [C2_20, C2_16, C2_05, C1_12, C1_14, C2_19, C1_13, C2_17, C2_15, C1_10, C2_12, C1_15, C2_01, C2_22, C2_23, C1_05, C1_04, C2_21, C2_09, C2_11, C1_02, C2_14, C2_06, C2_18, C1_08, C2_02, C2_03, C2_10, C2_08, C1_09, C1_01, C1_06, C2_07, C1_03, C1_11, C2_04, C2_13, C1_07]
. Coastal Array Queensland ARRAY AIMS Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland 0 []
. Cod Grounds ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 1 [Cod Grounds]
. Coffin Bay Array ARRAY Kingfish in South Australia 28 [CB05, CB27, CB06, CB20, CB18, CB12, CB08, CB03, CB07, CB22, CB19, CB24, CB01, CB26, CB14, CB23, CB17, CB13, CB28, CB11, CB25, CB02, CB10, CB09, CB21, CB16, CB15, CB04]
. Cook Island ARRAY NSW DPI - SEACAMS 1 [Cook Island]
. Corner Inlet, Victoria ARRAY CSIRO: Animal Tagging 27 [WP_09.3, WP_05.4, WP_05.3, WP_01.4, WP_10.2, WP_02.4, WP_05.2, WP_01.4, WP_01.3, Lewis_1, FranklinEast_1, WP_01.2, WP_10.3, WP_09.4, Toora_1, Rabbit_15m, Rabbit_22m, FranklinEast_2, WP_09.2, WP_10.3, Rabbit_10m, Rabbit_20m, WP_02.3, FranklinChannel_2, WP_10.4, FranklinChannel_1, WP_02.2]
. Cotton Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 1 [Cotton 1]
. CSIRO Mangrove Bay ARRAY IMOS-ATF / CSIRO Ningaloo Reef Ecosystem Tracking Array (NRETA) 77 [MBGT2, MB73A, MB29, Tant cfoc 7, MB34A, MB24A1, MB31A, MB28A, MBGT4, MB23A, MB24B, MB32A, MB36A1, MBJH5A, MB71B, MB33, Turq cfoc 7, MBJH4A, MB27, MB38A1A, MB39, Turq cfoc 6, MB1A, MB21A, Tant cfoc 5, MBBOM2, MB9B, MB11C, MB30A, MB44, MB72A, MB45A, MB8B, Turq cfoc 4, MB2A, MB18A, MB20A, MBJH3A, MB70B, MBGT3, MB68B, MB5C, MB14A, Turq cfoc 1, MBJH1A, Tant cfoc 4, MBBOM1, Turq cfoc 3, MB19, MB43A1, MB22A, MB40A, MB6A, MB15A, MB13A1, MB35A, Tant cfoc 2, MBBOM3, MB26, MB69B, MB37, Turq cfoc 5, MB41, Tant cfoc 1, MB16A, MB25A, MB12A, MBGT1, MB46A, MB74A, Tant cfoc 6, MBJH7A, MB42A, MBJH2A, Tant cfoc 3, MB75, Turq cfoc 2]
. CSIRO Ningaloo Reef ARRAY IMOS-ATF / CSIRO Ningaloo Reef Ecosystem Tracking Array (NRETA) 59 [MB14A, MB23A, MB72A, MB40A, MB73A, MB16A, MB31A, MB21A, MB5C, MB1A, MB33, MB36A1, MBJH4A, MBJH3A, MB35A, MB32A, MB43A1, MB12A, MB41, MB68B, MB75, MB74A, MBBOM2, MBJH2A, MB6A, MBJH1A, MB38A1A, MBJH7A, MB26, MB29, MB15A, MB71B, MB45A, MB42A, MBJH5A, MB37, MB25A, MB13A1, MB34A, MB22A, MB2A, MB46A, MB11C, MBBOM1, MB24B, MB9B, MB24A1, MB39, MB70B, MBBOM3, MB19, MB28A, MB44, MB27, MB8B, MB20A, MB30A, MB69B, MB18A]
. Davies Reef ARRAY Townsville Reefs 2 [Davies 2, Davies 1]