OrganisationProject List

Id Organisation Project
9,109 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF / CSIRO Ningaloo Reef Ecosystem Tracking Array (NRETA)
9,112 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF Bondi line
9,115 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF Coffs Harbour line
9,121 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF Rowley Shoals
9,124 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF Sydney Gate
9,127 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF Heron Island
9,130 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF One Tree Island
13,538 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF / JCU Orpheus Island
13,555 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve (CTBAR)
629,989 CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) CSIRO: Animal Tagging
699,921 James Cook University (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) JCU Cleveland Bay
699,958 CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) Bluefin tuna WA
699,961 CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) Bluefin tuna GAB
699,972 Macquarie University (Marine Mammal Research Group, Graduate School of the Environment) MQ Bronte-Coogee Aquatic reserve (BCAR)
700,280 Department of Fisheries, Government of Western Australia (FISHERIES RESEARCH (DIVISION) LABORATORIES) WA commercial sharks
700,311 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF South Australian Acoustic Tracking Network
700,325 SARDI (Aquatic Sciences) Gulf St Vincent monitoring
751,466 NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT)
1,371,593 NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks