OrganisationProject List

Id Organisation Project
128,841,710 Macquarie University (Department of Biological Sciences) Lane Cove River Australian Bass
129,579,739 Department of Fisheries, Government of Western Australia (FISHERIES RESEARCH (DIVISION) LABORATORIES) FRDC WA commercial sharks
129,581,932 James Cook University (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) Parrotfish and Brassy Chub OIRS 2011
129,637,544 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) IMOS-ATF VR2AR tags
129,658,334 Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government (Monitoring) DNRM QLD Test Tags
129,681,981 University of Tasmania (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) Assessing the Effectiveness of Shark Nursery Area Closures for the Protection of Conservation of Coastal Shark Species
129,681,987 University of Tasmania (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) Environmental drivers of residency patterns in three batoid species
129,722,558 Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) Hammerhead sharks of SEQ
129,722,580 AIMS (Perth) Palau grey reef sharks monitoring
129,810,762 CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) CSIRO: Animal Tagging 2
129,812,841 Bond University (Bond University) Moreton Bay Bull Shark Movements
130,194,302 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) Clever Buoy Shark Detection System
130,213,666 Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service) Grey Nurse Shark_Diver Interactions
130,721,496 University of Technology Sydney (University of Technology Sydney) Rabbitfish territory fidelity - north Queensland
130,795,528 James Cook University Singapore (Coastal Marine Ecology and Sustainability Laboratory) Bamboosharks in Singapore
130,926,462 James Cook University (ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies) JCU coral trout temperature thresholds Great Barrier Reef
132,714,276 Macquarie University (Department of Biological Sciences) Stingray Diaries Acoustic tracking of short-tail stingrays
132,740,538 The University of Western Australia (University of Western Australia) Galapagos shark movement patterns in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park
132,794,891 IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) Victor Harbour monitoring
132,795,002 NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) NSW DPI Shark Meshing Program