Person List

Name Organisation Projects
. Dustin O'Hara NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) NSW DPI - SEACAMS
. Dylan van der Meulen NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT)
. edward forbes Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Coast)
. Elodie Lédée James Cook University (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) JCU Cleveland Bay, Townsville Reefs
. Emma Bowen Sydney Institute of Marine Science (IMOS Animal Tracking Facility) IMOS-ATF VR2TX internal transmitters, IMOS-ATF Heron Island, IMOS-ATF Bondi line
. Emma Dobinson Murdoch University (Biological Sciences)
. Emma Flukes Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Coast)
. Emma Sommerville AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Eneko Aspillaga University of Barcelona (University of Barcelona)
. Enrico Gennari Oceans Research Institute (Oceans Research Institute) South African white shark passive acoustic tracking
. Eric Lawrey AIMS (Townsville)
. Eva Cougnon AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Evan Byrnes Murdoch University (Biological Sciences) MQ Port Jackson shark movements and social networks, Mangrove Bay Sicklefin Lemon sharks, Lane Cove River Australian Bass
. Evan Leonard Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Coast) Chondrichthyan monitoring of south-east Australia
. Fabrice Jaine IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) Galapagos shark movement patterns in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park, WA DPIRD Shark Monitoring Network, NSW DPI (Whaler, White and Tiger Shark Program), IMOS-ATF Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve (CTBAR), Mechanisms and consequences of a climate-driven range extension of snapper Chrysophrys auratus in southeast Tasmania, IMOS-ATF Scott Reef, Hammerhead sharks of SEQ, Mangrove Bay Sicklefin Lemon sharks, JCU Fingermark activity off Hinchinbrook Island, IMOS-ATF / OTN Maria Island line, VIC Fisheries Snapper - Port Phillip Bay, IMOS-ATF One Tree Island, NSW DPI Shark Meshing Program, IMOS-ATF Portland Line, Esperance Bay Receiver Array, NESP Northern Australian hotspots for the recovery of threatened euryhaline species, Condamine River Acoustic Tagging Project, IMOS-ATF Rowley Shoals, Redthroat emperor movement (Capricorn-Bunkers), Clever Buoy Shark Detection System, IMOS-ATF Seal Rocks Line, IMOS-ATF Heron Island, UQ Project Manta east Australia, IMOS Moorings receiver deployments, IMOS-ATF Narooma line, IMOS-ATF / JCU Orpheus Island, IMOS-ATF VR2AR internal transmitters, Grey Nurse Shark_Diver Interactions, NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network), Wenlock River Array, Gulf of Carpentaria, IMOS-ATF Coffs Harbour line, QLD Shark Control Program, IMOS-ATF / OTN Cape Barren Island line, IMOS-ATF Port Stephens, IMOS-ATF Bondi line, Logan River TERN network, White shark cage diving industry monitoring, Seven Gill tracking in Coastal Tasmania, NSW DPI Edward Wakool, Parrotfish and Brassy Chub OIRS 2011, Stingray Diaries Acoustic tracking of short-tail stingrays, Harlequin fish habitat mapping Kangaroo Island, Tracking of Mahi Mahi in SE QLD, IMOS-ATF Chowder Bay Receiver Tests, JCU Cleveland Bay, Fine-scale movements and residency of Trevally at the Neptune Islands, DNRM QLD Test Tags, IMOS-ATF Sydney Gate, Bendalong Array, Gulf St Vincent monitoring, MQ Bronte-Coogee Aquatic reserve (BCAR), IMOS-ATF South Australian Acoustic Tracking Network, Coral Sea Nautilus tracking project, IMOS-ATF / CSIRO Ningaloo Reef Ecosystem Tracking Array (NRETA), Blue Groper habitat mapping Kangaroo Island, The Yongala's Halo of Holes - Who is Digging It, NSW DPI - SEACAMS, NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks, Norfolk Island tiger shark tracking, Rabbitfish territory fidelity off Lizard Island, Rowley Shoals reef shark tracking 2007, AIMS Quantifying the use of Indigenous Marine Protected Areas by threatened bycatch species adjacent to highly productive fishing grounds, IMOS-ATF VR2TX internal transmitters, Tracking Australian eels to crack the mystery of their migration, AIMS Heron VPS, Sea snake monitoring in Noumea New Caledonia, JCU North QLD tiger shark tracking, JCU coral trout temperature thresholds Great Barrier Reef, IMOS-ATF Bondi range experiment 2009, Victor Harbour monitoring, MQ Port Jackson shark movements and social networks, Kingfish in South Australia, IMOS-ATF / OTN Perth line, Ecocean Ningaloo whale shark project
. Felicity Hardcastle University of Sunshine Coast (School of Science and Engineering) Tracking of Mahi Mahi in SE QLD
. Fernanda de Faria James Cook University (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) JCU Moreton Bay dugong movement, Townsville Reefs, IMOS-ATF One Tree Island, IMOS-ATF Heron Island, IMOS-ATF / JCU Orpheus Island, JCU Cleveland Bay
. Fiona Small Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government (Monitoring) Diadromous fish movements in the O'Connell R, central Qld
. Florencia Cerutti Charles Darwin University (Research Institute of Environment and Livelihoods)
. Francesco Pelizza Maastricht University (Maastricht University) MQ Port Jackson shark movements and social networks