Person List

Name Organisation Projects
. Miles Parsons AIMS (Perth)
. Michele Thums AIMS (Perth)
. Alex Wyatt AIMS (Perth)
. Paul Cowley AIMS (Perth)
. Conrad Speed AIMS (Perth) Shark and ray movements patterns at Ningaloo Reef
. Eric Lawrey AIMS (Townsville)
. Michelle Heupel AIMS (Townsville) IMOS-ATF Heron Island, Townsville Reefs, JCU coral trout temperature thresholds Great Barrier Reef, IMOS-ATF / JCU Orpheus Island, AIMS Scientific Zone, JCU Moreton Bay dugong movement, IMOS-ATF One Tree Island, AIMS Quantifying the use of Indigenous Marine Protected Areas by threatened bycatch species adjacent to highly productive fishing grounds, AIMS Heron VPS, JCU Cleveland Bay
. Pierre Gogendeau AIMS (Townsville)
. Gabriel Vianna AIMS (Perth) Palau grey reef sharks monitoring
. Mark Meekan AIMS (Perth) Shark and ray movements patterns at Ningaloo Reef
. Shanta Barley AIMS (Perth)
. Luciana Ferreira AIMS (Perth) WA tiger shark tracking
. Samantha Munroe AIMS (Townsville)
. Marcus Stowar AIMS (Townsville) AIMS Scientific Zone
. Kate Reid AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Ana Lara-Lopez AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Craig Jones AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Philip Bohm AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Nagios Monitor AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Emma Sommerville AODN-IMOS (AODN)