Person List

Name Organisation Projects
. Paul Cowley AIMS (Perth)
. Eric Lawrey AIMS (Townsville)
. Pierre Gogendeau AIMS (Townsville)
. Alex Wyatt AIMS (Perth)
. Miles Parsons AIMS (Perth)
. Marcus Stowar AIMS (Townsville) AIMS Scientific Zone
. Conrad Speed AIMS (Perth) Shark and ray movements patterns at Ningaloo Reef
. Gabriel Vianna AIMS (Perth) Palau grey reef sharks monitoring
. Luciana Ferreira AIMS (Perth) WA tiger shark tracking
. Mark Meekan AIMS (Perth) Shark and ray movements patterns at Ningaloo Reef
. Shanta Barley AIMS (Perth)
. Michelle Heupel AIMS (Townsville) IMOS-ATF One Tree Island, JCU coral trout temperature thresholds Great Barrier Reef, Townsville Reefs, IMOS-ATF / JCU Orpheus Island, AIMS Scientific Zone, IMOS-ATF Heron Island, AIMS Quantifying the use of Indigenous Marine Protected Areas by threatened bycatch species adjacent to highly productive fishing grounds, JCU Cleveland Bay, JCU Moreton Bay dugong movement, AIMS Heron VPS
. Samantha Munroe AIMS (Townsville)
. Leanne Currey-Randall AIMS (Townsville) IMOS-ATF Heron Island, AIMS Acoustic Telemetry Array Queensland, Redthroat emperor movement (Capricorn-Bunkers), IMOS-ATF One Tree Island
. Michele Thums AIMS (Perth)
. Kate Reid AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Ana Lara-Lopez AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Craig Jones AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Philip Bohm AODN-IMOS (AODN)
. Nagios Monitor AODN-IMOS (AODN)