Project List

Name Organisations Principal Investigator People
. AIMS Heron VPS AIMS (Townsville) [Michelle Heupel] Phillip McDowall, Fabrice Jaine, Michelle Heupel, James van den Broek
. AIMS Quantifying the use of Indigenous Marine Protected Areas by threatened bycatch species adjacent to highly productive fishing grounds AIMS (Darwin) (Arafura Timor Research Facility) [Vinay Udyawer] Fabrice Jaine, Vinay Udyawer, Hamish Campbell, Michelle Heupel
. AIMS Scientific Zone AIMS (Townsville), IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) [Michelle Heupel] Colin Simpfendorfer, Michelle Heupel, Marcus Stowar, Phillip McDowall
. ARI - Glenelg River Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (Department of Sustainability and Environment) [Jason Lieschke] Jason Lieschke
. Assessing the Effectiveness of Shark Nursery Area Closures for the Protection of Conservation of Coastal Shark Species University of Tasmania (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) [Jaime McAllister] Jaime McAllister
. Bamboosharks in Singapore James Cook University Singapore (Coastal Marine Ecology and Sustainability Laboratory) [Neil Hutchinson] Neil Hutchinson
. Bendalong Array NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), Macquarie University (Department of Biological Sciences), IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) [Daniel Swadling, Nathan Knott, Culum Brown, Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons, Kye Adams] Daniel Swadling, Fabrice Jaine, Nathan Knott, Culum Brown, Martin Hing, Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons, Kye Adams
. Bluefin tuna GAB CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) [Alistair Hobday] Alistair Hobday
. Bluefin tuna WA CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) [Alistair Hobday] Alistair Hobday
. Blue Groper habitat mapping Kangaroo Island IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) [] Fabrice Jaine, Francisca Maron, Rosa Mendoza, Andre Steckenreuter
. Bruce Barker's project CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) [Bruce Barker, Mark Green] Bruce Barker, Mark Green
. Chondrichthyan monitoring of south-east Australia Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Coast) [Jayson Semmens, Alicia Schmidt-Roach] Sarah-Jane Pyke, Evan Leonard, Jayson Semmens, Alicia Schmidt-Roach, Jaime McAllister, Kilian Stehfest
. Clever Buoy Shark Detection System IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) [Andre Steckenreuter, Fabrice Jaine] Andre Steckenreuter, Fabrice Jaine
. Condamine River Acoustic Tagging Project Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government (Monitoring) [Doug Harding] Fabrice Jaine, Doug Harding
. Coral Sea Nautilus tracking project James Cook University (School of Engineering & Physical Sciences), IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) [Andy Dunstan] Fabrice Jaine, Andy Dunstan, Francisca Maron, James van den Broek
. CSIRO: Animal Tagging CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) [Russ Bradford] Barry Bruce, Jonathan Mitchell, Rachel Robbins, Russ Bradford, Christopher Gallen
. CSIRO: Animal Tagging 2 CSIRO (CMAR Hobart) [Russ Bradford] Barry Bruce, Russ Bradford
. CSIRO Gladstone Harbour CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric research (Ecosciences Precinct) [Russ Babcock, James van den Broek, Richard Pillans] Russ Babcock, James van den Broek, Richard Pillans
. Diadromous fish movements in the O'Connell R, central Qld Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government (Monitoring) [Fiona Small] Fiona Small
. DNRM QLD Test Tags Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government (Monitoring) [Fabrice Jaine, Andre Steckenreuter] Fabrice Jaine, Andre Steckenreuter