Project List

Name Organisations Principal Investigator People
. WA DPIRD shark tracking Department of Fisheries, Government of Western Australia (FISHERIES RESEARCH (DIVISION) LABORATORIES) [Matias Braccini, Rory McAuley] Fabrice Jaine, Matias Braccini, Francisca Maron, Rory McAuley
. WA tiger shark tracking The University of Western Australia (University of Western Australia) [Luciana Ferreira] Luciana Ferreira
. Wenlock River Array, Gulf of Carpentaria CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric research (Ecosciences Precinct), The University of Queensland (School of Biological Sciences) [Ross Dwyer] Jonathan Mitchell, Ross Dwyer, Richard Pillans, Hamish Campbell, Hayley England, Fabrice Jaine, Rosa Mendoza, Matthew Watts, Andre Steckenreuter, Barry Lyon
. White shark cage diving industry monitoring Flinders University (School of Biological Sciences) [Charlie Huveneers] Charlie Huveneers, Jonathan Mitchell, Fabrice Jaine, Ben Walker, Francisca Maron, Thomas Clarke