Project List

Name Organisations Principal Investigator People
. Kingfish in South Australia Flinders University (School of Biological Sciences) [Thomas Clarke] Charlie Huveneers, Fabrice Jaine, Thomas Clarke
. Kingfish in Victoria Deakin University (Biology) [Justin Rizzari] Corey Green, Justin Rizzari, Charlie Huveneers
. Lane Cove River Australian Bass Macquarie University (Department of Biological Sciences) [Evan Byrnes] Culum Brown, Evan Byrnes
. Leopard shark Stegostoma East Coast The University of Queensland (School of Veterinary Science) [Christine Dudgeon] Christine Dudgeon, Rosa Mendoza
. Logan River Catadromous Fish Migration Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government (Monitoring) [Andrew McDougall, Tess Mullins, Doug Harding] Andrew McDougall, Ross Dwyer, Tess Mullins, Rosa Mendoza, Doug Harding
. Logan River TERN network CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric research (Ecosciences Precinct) [Fabrice Jaine, James van den Broek, Richard Pillans, Russ Babcock] Fabrice Jaine, James van den Broek, Phillip McDowall, Richard Pillans, Russ Babcock, Andre Steckenreuter
. Mangrove Bay Sicklefin Lemon sharks Murdoch University (Biological Sciences) [Evan Byrnes] Evan Byrnes, Fabrice Jaine
. Mangrove Jack in NSW National Marine Science Centre (Southern Cross University) (National Marine Science Centre (Southern Cross University)) [Toby Piddocke] Rosa Mendoza, Toby Piddocke
. Mechanisms and consequences of a climate-driven range extension of snapper Chrysophrys auratus in southeast Tasmania University of Tasmania (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) [Barrett Wolfe] Fabrice Jaine, Jonathan Mitchell, Jayson Semmens, Barrett Wolfe
. MQ Bronte-Coogee Aquatic reserve (BCAR) Macquarie University (Marine Mammal Research Group, Graduate School of the Environment) [Andre Steckenreuter, Alex Schnell, Phillip McDowall, James van den Broek, Andre Steckenreuter, Fabrice Jaine, Kate Lee] Andre Steckenreuter, Alex Schnell, James van den Broek, Phillip McDowall, Andre Steckenreuter, Fabrice Jaine, Kate Lee
. MQ Port Jackson shark movements and social networks Macquarie University (Department of Biological Sciences) [Nathan Bass, Culum Brown, Joanna Day] Sherrie Chambers, Nathan Bass, Nathan Knott, Julianna Kadar, Evan Byrnes, Culum Brown, Fabrice Jaine, Catarina Vila Pouca, Joanna Day
. Mud crab manual tracking in Moreton Bay Marine Park Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) [Christopher Beattie] Christopher Beattie
. Mud Crab Tracking Logan River Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) [Hilke Alberts-Hubatsch] Hilke Alberts-Hubatsch, Richard Pillans
. New Zealand white shark tracking NIWA Wellington (FISHERIES RESEARCH ) [Malcolm Francis] Malcolm Francis
. Ningaloo Manta Tracking Murdoch University (Biological Sciences) [Frazer McGregor] Frazer McGregor, Rosa Mendoza
. Ningaloo Shark Nursery The University of Western Australia (University of Western Australia) [Beverly Oh] Beverly Oh
. Norfolk Island tiger shark tracking Riley Elliott Independent Research (Riley Elliott Independent Research) [Riley Elliott] Riley Elliott, Fabrice Jaine, Jonathan Mitchell
. NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Michael Lowry, Krystle Keller] Michael Lowry, Brooke McCartin, Aaron Puckeridge, Alistair Becker, Matthew Taylor, James McLeod, James van den Broek, Krystle Keller, Fabrice Jaine
. NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Matthew Taylor] Stephanie Brodie, Jerom Stocks, Teagan Marzullo, Nick Payne, Nathan Knott, Chris Walsh, Daniel Hewitt, Dylan van der Meulen, Gwenael Cadiou, Jim Craig, Lachlan Fetterplace, Matthew Taylor, Rosa Mendoza
. NSW DPI Edward Wakool NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Lee Baumgarter, Fabrice Jaine, Ian Wooden, wayne robinson] Andre Steckenreuter, Lee Baumgarter, Fabrice Jaine, wayne robinson, Ian Wooden