Project List

Name Organisations Principal Investigator People
. NSW DPI Movements of Coastal Sharks NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Fabrice Jaine, Amy Smoothey, Andre Steckenreuter, Gwenael Cadiou] Fabrice Jaine, Rosa Mendoza, Jim Craig, Vic Peddemors, Paul Butcher, Christopher Gallen, Oliver Masens, Amy Smoothey, Andre Steckenreuter, Kate Lee, Gwenael Cadiou
. NSW DPI - SEACAMS NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Brett Louden, Nick Otway] Fabrice Jaine, Jonathan Mitchell, Brett Louden, Dustin O'Hara, Nick Otway
. NSW DPI Shark Meshing Program NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Alexander Wray-Barnes, Cameron Doak, Vic Peddemors] Fabrice Jaine, Alexander Wray-Barnes, Christopher Gallen, Scott Dalton, Cameron Doak, Vic Peddemors
. NSW DPI (Whaler, White and Tiger Shark Program) NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Paul Butcher] Vic Peddemors, Julia Spaet, Toby Patterson, Craig Brand, Russ Bradford, Christopher Gallen, Paul Butcher, Fabrice Jaine
. NT Freshwater Sawfish status mortality and movements Charles Darwin University (Research Institute of Environment and Livelihoods) [Peter Kyne] Peter Kyne
. Obi Obi Creek fish and turtle tracking project Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland Government (Monitoring) [Andrew McDougall, Sharon Marshall] David Roberts, Andrew McDougall, Britta Horchler, Sharon Marshall, Thomas Espinoza, Hamish Campbell
. Palau grey reef sharks monitoring AIMS (Perth) [Gabriel Vianna] Gabriel Vianna
. Parrotfish and Brassy Chub OIRS 2011 James Cook University (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) [Andre Steckenreuter, Fabrice Jaine] Rosa Mendoza, Fabrice Jaine, Andre Steckenreuter
. Port Jackson sharks South Australia Flinders University (School of Biological Sciences) [Charlie Huveneers] Charlie Huveneers, Culum Brown
. Port Stephens Marine Park tracking project NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) [Christopher Gallen] Christopher Gallen
. QLD Large Shark Tagging Program Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) [Jonathan M Werry] Jonathan M Werry
. Rabbitfish territory fidelity - north Queensland University of Technology Sydney (University of Technology Sydney) [Fabrice Jaine, Rebecca Fox] Fabrice Jaine, Rebecca Fox
. Redthroat emperor movement (Capricorn-Bunkers) James Cook University (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) [Fabrice Jaine, Leanne Currey-Randall] Andre Steckenreuter, Fabrice Jaine, Leanne Currey-Randall
. Roper River Array Northern Territory Government (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) [Peter Dostine] Peter Dostine
. Rowley Shoals reef shark tracking 2007 Macquarie University (Marine Mammal Research Group, Graduate School of the Environment), AIMS (Townsville), IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF) [Iain Field] Iain Field, Fabrice Jaine
. Scaling of Animal Space Use University of Sheffield (Animal and Plant Sciences) [Conor Waldock] Conor Waldock
. Sevengill Shark tracking in Victoria Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Coast), Fisheries Victoria (Fisheries Research Branch) (Queenscliff Centre ), University of Tasmania (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) [Alicia Schmidt-Roach] Jayson Semmens, Adam Barnett, Alicia Schmidt-Roach
. Seven Gill tracking in Coastal Tasmania IMOS-ATF (IMOS-ATF), Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) (Fisheries, Aquaculture and Coast) [Adam Barnett] Rosa Mendoza, Adam Barnett
. Shark and ray movements patterns at Ningaloo Reef AIMS (Perth) [Conrad Speed, Mark Meekan, Russ Babcock] Conrad Speed, Richard Pillans, Mark Meekan, Beverly Oh, Russ Babcock
. Shark Monitoring Network Department of Fisheries, Government of Western Australia (FISHERIES RESEARCH (DIVISION) LABORATORIES) [Rory McAuley] Rory McAuley