Receiver Recovery List

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Deployment Details Recovery Details
Initialisation Date Deployment Date Installation Station Station Location Receiver Deployment Location Receiver Depth Receiver Recovery Recovered By Receiver Recovery Location Recovery Date Status
. 2009-05-18T01:22:04+0000 2009-10-20T00:01:00+0000 IMOS-ATF CTBAR CTBAR New2 VR2W-101759 11.5 Kate Lee 2010-02-04T03:51:12+0000 RECOVERED
. 2012-01-12T01:48:52+0000 2012-01-31T20:50:00+0000 IMOS-ATF / OTN Maria Island line MIL 7 VR2W-114652 30 Andre Steckenreuter 2013-01-22T15:43:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2012-01-12T01:52:35+0000 2012-01-31T21:00:00+0000 IMOS-ATF / OTN Maria Island line MIL 8 VR2W-114656 30 Andre Steckenreuter 2013-01-22T16:30:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2012-01-12T01:53:25+0000 2012-01-31T21:30:00+0000 IMOS-ATF / OTN Maria Island line MIL 12 VR2W-114657 30 Andre Steckenreuter 2013-01-23T15:23:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2009-05-18T02:28:13+0000 2009-05-19T00:18:00+0000 IMOS-ATF CTBAR CTBAR Mid-North VR2W-101689 8.5 Kate Lee 2009-09-02T01:00:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2012-03-28T18:25:00+0000 2012-03-29T05:30:00+1100 NSW DPI North Sydney Drummer Array Manly_010 VR2W-113936 Jerom Stocks 2012-07-13T17:30:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2012-07-08T08:02:37+0000 2012-07-11T10:10:00+1000 IMOS-ATF One Tree Island OT 6 VR2W-114539 14.5 Phillip McDowall 2013-01-18T10:51:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2012-07-08T08:10:30+0000 2012-07-11T11:40:00+0000 IMOS-ATF One Tree Island The Key Hole VR2W-114555 22.9 Leanne Currey-Randall 2013-01-18T10:32:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2015-05-22T09:22:51+1000 2015-05-29T11:11:32+1000 Sydney Harbour Hen and Chicken VR2W-104118 Gwenael Cadiou 2016-09-15T12:50:51+1000 RECOVERED
. 2012-07-12T01:25:15+0000 2012-07-13T07:30:00+1000 NSW DPI North Sydney Drummer Array Manly_015 VR2W-114410 Jerom Stocks 2014-09-01T08:55:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2011-11-09T07:52:30+0000 2011-11-10T05:30:00+1100 NSW DPI Wollongong Drummer Array 325 Wollongong VR2W-114003 Jerom Stocks 2012-07-09T17:30:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2011-11-09T07:50:16+0000 2011-11-10T05:30:00+1100 NSW DPI Wollongong Drummer Array 320 Wollongong VR2W-113999 Jerom Stocks 2012-07-09T17:30:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2010-12-13T02:17:52+0000 2010-12-18T06:30:00+1000 IMOS-ATF Orpheus Island l1 VR2W-109026 1 Audrey Schlaff 2011-05-25T08:45:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2009-12-04T06:20:00+0000 2009-12-04T06:25:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Coral Bay Skeleton Beach Skully inner VR2W-101856 2 Frazer McGregor 2010-02-26T03:32:28+0000 RECOVERED
. 2011-12-08T05:30:00+0000 2011-12-08T05:35:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Orpheus Island ORPH 6 VR2W-109080 10.6 Audrey Schlaff 2012-07-23T09:10:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2012-03-28T18:25:00+0000 2012-03-29T05:30:00+1100 NSW DPI North Sydney Drummer Array Manly_002 VR2W-113998 Jerom Stocks 2012-07-13T17:30:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2012-12-11T06:01:59+0000 2012-12-14T06:00:00+1000 IMOS-ATF Orpheus Island l4 VR2W-114291 1 Audrey Schlaff 2013-02-10T06:02:25+0000 RECOVERED
. 2012-07-26T23:35:40+0000 2012-07-27T13:35:00+1000 IMOS-ATF Sydney Gate SG 4 VR2W-120743 28 Andre Steckenreuter 2013-08-30T00:52:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2012-02-20T06:37:59+0000 2012-02-22T22:41:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Narooma line N4 VR2W-114535 17.5 Andre Steckenreuter 2012-11-13T23:55:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2012-02-20T06:50:05+0000 2012-02-22T22:48:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Narooma line N5 VR2W-106895 17.5 Andre Steckenreuter 2012-11-13T01:40:00+0000 RECOVERED