Receiver Recovery List

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Deployment Details Recovery Details
Initialisation Date Deployment Date Installation Station Station Location Receiver Deployment Location Receiver Depth Receiver Recovery Recovered By Receiver Recovery Location Recovery Date Status
. 2008-06-11T10:35:00+1000 2008-06-11T11:05:00+1000 Sydney Magic Point VR2W-101640 19 Brett Louden 2009-07-02T10:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2010-06-30T10:10:00+1000 2010-06-30T10:40:00+1000 Sydney Magic Point VR2W-107334 19 Brett Louden 2011-10-13T11:00:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2010-08-22T09:20:00+1000 2010-08-22T09:50:00+1000 The Shallows The Shallows VR2W-107551 15 Brett Louden 2011-09-18T00:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2016-01-01T00:00:00+1100 The Shallows The Shallows VR2W-107545 15
. 2009-08-23T10:15:00+1000 2009-08-23T10:45:00+1000 The Shallows The Shallows VR2W-101652 15 Brett Louden 2010-08-22T09:50:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2013-12-13T08:30:00+1100 2013-12-13T09:00:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Trennant Rock VR2W-101639 20 Brett Louden 2014-11-19T00:00:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2012-12-14T07:30:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Trennant Rock VR2W-107358 20
. 2006-11-18T10:45:00+1100 2006-11-18T11:15:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Trennant Rock VR2C-7701 20 Brett Louden 2007-11-27T13:00:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-27T12:20:00+1100 2007-11-27T12:50:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Trennant Rock VR2C-7180 20 Brett Louden 2008-10-31T12:15:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2008-10-31T11:45:00+1100 2008-10-31T12:15:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Trennant Rock VR2C-7174 20 Brett Louden 2009-11-06T13:25:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2008-10-30T11:30:00+1100 2008-10-30T12:00:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Tollgate Islands 2 Entrance to gutter VR2C-7694 12 Brett Louden 2009-11-06T11:15:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2011-12-09T09:00:00+1100 2011-12-09T09:30:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Trennant Rock VR2W-107349 20 Brett Louden 2012-12-14T07:30:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-27T15:00:00+1100 2007-11-27T15:30:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Tollgate Islands 2 Entrance to gutter VR2C-4493 12 Brett Louden 2008-10-30T12:00:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2006-11-18T08:37:00+1100 2006-11-18T09:07:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Tollgate Islands 2 Entrance to gutter VR2C-7190 12 Brett Louden 2007-11-27T15:30:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2010-11-11T23:30:00+1100 2010-11-12T00:00:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Trennant Rock VR2W-107369 20 Brett Louden 2011-12-09T09:30:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2009-11-06T11:40:00+1100 2009-11-06T12:10:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Tollgate Islands 1 Gutter VR2W-101638 10 Brett Louden 2010-10-01T00:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-27T13:50:00+1100 2007-11-27T14:20:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Tollgate Islands 1 Gutter VR2C-5432 10 Brett Louden 2008-10-30T00:00:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2006-11-18T08:28:00+1100 2006-11-18T08:58:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Tollgate Islands 1 Gutter VR2C-7181 10 Brett Louden 2007-11-27T14:20:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2008-10-31T11:00:00+1100 2008-10-31T11:30:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Black Rock South coast VR2C-4924 15 Brett Louden 2009-11-06T10:55:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-27T13:25:00+1100 2007-11-27T13:55:00+1100 Tollgate Islands Black Rock South coast VR2C-5446 15 Brett Louden 2008-10-31T11:30:00+1100 RECOVERED