Receiver Recovery List

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Deployment Details Recovery Details
Initialisation Date Deployment Date Installation Station Station Location Receiver Deployment Location Receiver Depth Receiver Recovery Recovered By Receiver Recovery Location Recovery Date Status
. 2015-05-22T11:21:09+1000 2015-05-29T14:19:56+1000 Sydney Harbour Rushcutter's Bay VR2W-100985 3 Gwenael Cadiou 2016-09-15T16:55:09+1000 RECOVERED
. 2010-11-23T07:25:52+0000 2010-11-23T23:30:00+1100 Sydney Harbour Quaker's Hat VR2W-100985 Amy Smoothey 2011-05-06T03:55:20+0000 RECOVERED
. 2011-05-10T07:18:09+0000 2011-05-10T23:30:00+0000 Sydney Offshore Cronulla Beach (Puerulus collector) VR2W-100985 Amy Smoothey 2011-12-08T23:30:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2010-04-22T13:13:57+0000 2010-04-22T23:30:00+0000 Sydney Harbour Balmain, Elliot St VR2W-100985 Amy Smoothey 2010-11-18T23:30:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2016-09-19T07:44:36+1000 2016-09-20T12:00:40+1000 Sydney Harbour Dobroyd Head VR2W-100985 Gwenael Cadiou 2018-10-08T14:14:18+1100 LOST
. 2012-09-07T00:59:49+0000 2012-09-07T00:59:49+0000 Georges River Georges_001 VR2W-100985 Matthew Taylor 2013-05-31T01:53:20+0000 RECOVERED
. 2011-12-19T00:43:14+0000 2011-12-19T00:48:14+0000 Georges River Georges_005 VR2W-100985 Nathan Knott 2012-08-16T04:24:53+0000 RECOVERED
. 2012-09-01T23:30:00+0000 Mangrove jack telemetry DC4 VR2W-100986 3.4
. 2012-09-01T23:30:00+0000 Mangrove jack telemetry DC5 VR2W-100987 1.7
. 2010-11-17T09:30:51+0000 2010-11-18T23:30:00+0000 Sydney Harbour Hen and Chicken VR2W-100989 Amy Smoothey 2011-05-09T05:09:13+0000 RECOVERED
. 2012-05-09T05:15:20+0000 2012-05-14T23:30:00+0000 Clarence River Harwood Sugarmill VR2W-100989 Amy Smoothey 2012-11-07T23:30:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2011-11-03T06:34:56+0000 2011-11-06T23:30:00+1100 Gated Estuaries Manning 2 VR2W-100989 Amy Smoothey 2012-04-30T23:30:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2010-11-23T07:22:15+0000 2010-11-23T23:30:00+1100 Sydney Harbour Grotto Point VR2W-100990 Amy Smoothey 2011-05-06T04:44:50+0000 RECOVERED
. 2011-05-10T23:30:00+0000 Sydney Offshore Wotomalla VR2W-100990
. 2010-04-22T13:03:48+0000 2010-04-22T23:30:00+0000 Sydney Harbour Mann Point VR2W-100990 Amy Smoothey 2010-11-18T23:30:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2011-12-19T01:06:12+0000 2011-12-19T01:11:12+0000 Georges River Georges_013 VR2W-100990 Jerom Stocks 2012-08-06T02:58:38+0000 RECOVERED
. 2014-08-25T08:00:00+1000 2014-08-25T10:49:16+1000 NSW DPI Jervis Bay array JBVPS3 VR2W-100991 Nathan Knott 2015-04-29T10:58:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-05-11T14:05:19+1000 2018-12-13T08:50:00+1100 NSW DPI Jervis Bay array JB22 VR2W-100991 Daniel Swadling 2020-04-22T11:43:19+1000 RECOVERED
. 2011-11-28T04:44:31+0000 2011-11-28T23:30:00+0000 Sydney Offshore Between Bondi And South Head (Nth) VR2W-100991 Amy Smoothey 2012-05-23T23:30:00+0000 RECOVERED
. 2018-05-09T20:45:06+1000 2018-05-22T00:02:00+0000 NSW DPI Jervis Bay array JBSG5 VR2W-100991 Daniel Swadling 2018-12-10T10:40:00+1100 RECOVERED