Receiver Recovery List

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Deployment Details Recovery Details
Initialisation Date Deployment Date Installation Station Station Location Receiver Deployment Location Receiver Depth Receiver Recovery Recovered By Receiver Recovery Location Recovery Date Status
. 2007-04-04T09:22:00+1000 2007-04-04T09:52:00+1000 South West Rocks Fish Rock 3 NW VR2C-7704 25 Brett Louden 2008-02-11T10:34:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-04T11:36:00+1000 2007-04-04T12:06:00+1000 South West Rocks Fish Rock 2 - SW VR2C-4921 17 Brett Louden 2008-02-11T10:55:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-04T10:00:00+1000 2007-04-04T10:30:00+1000 South West Rocks Fish Rock 1 - SE VR2C-7711 29 Brett Louden 2008-02-11T12:39:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-03-29T09:50:00+1000 2007-03-29T10:00:00+1000 Cod Grounds Cod Grounds VR2C-7715 29 Brett Louden 2008-02-16T08:26:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-14T23:25:00+0000 2007-11-15T08:30:00+0900 IMOS-ATF Coral Bay South line 2 VR2W-101771 5.9 Frazer McGregor 2008-02-18T07:20:00+0900 RECOVERED
. 2008-01-23T23:25:00+0000 2008-01-24T08:30:00+0900 IMOS-ATF Coral Bay South line 3 VR2W-101772 2.2 Frazer McGregor 2008-02-18T07:20:00+0900 RECOVERED
. 2008-01-19T06:57:40+0000 2008-01-30T08:30:00+0900 IMOS-ATF Coral Bay Skeleton Beach South Ashos VR2W-101773 8.5 Frazer McGregor 2008-02-18T08:30:00+0900 RECOVERED
. 2008-01-28T09:29:31+0900 2008-01-28T09:30:00+0900 IMOS-ATF Coral Bay Skully Beach South VR2W-101845 2 Frazer McGregor 2008-02-18T09:29:00+0900 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-13T12:59:14+0000 2008-01-28T12:00:00+0900 IMOS-ATF Coral Bay Skeleton Beach Skully North VR2W-101854 2 Frazer McGregor 2008-02-18T12:00:00+0900 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-14T13:00:06+0000 2008-01-28T09:30:00+0900 IMOS-ATF Coral Bay Skeleton Beach Skully inner VR2W-101856 2 Frazer McGregor 2008-02-18T18:20:00+0900 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-26T01:57:46+1030 2007-11-26T23:30:00+1030 CSIRO Ningaloo Reef MB43A1 VR2W-101811 Richard Pillans 2008-02-27T04:58:27+1030 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-26T01:58:38+1030 2007-11-26T02:03:38+1030 CSIRO Ningaloo Reef MB27 VR2W-101866 Richard Pillans 2008-02-27T06:35:40+1030 RECOVERED
. 2007-11-26T02:43:00+1030 2007-11-26T02:48:00+1030 CSIRO Ningaloo Reef MB33 VR2W-101822 Richard Pillans 2008-02-28T06:04:05+1030 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-29T09:05:00+1000 2007-04-29T09:15:00+1000 Forster The Pinnacle 1 Deep Gutter VR2C-7705 35 Brett Louden 2008-02-28T10:06:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-29T09:05:00+1000 2007-04-29T09:15:00+1000 Forster The Pinnacle 2 Shallow Gutter VR2C-7707 26 Brett Louden 2008-02-28T10:06:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-24T09:26:00+1000 2007-04-24T09:36:00+1000 Forster The Barge VR2C-7710 29 Brett Louden 2008-02-28T11:45:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-17T09:14:00+1000 2007-04-17T09:24:00+1000 Forster Latitude Rock 1 NW VR2C-7700 8 Brett Louden 2008-02-28T12:41:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-05T11:00:00+1000 2007-04-05T11:30:00+1000 Seal Rocks Little Seal Rocks 2 Amphitheatre VR2C-7690 19 Brett Louden 2008-03-04T08:55:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-05T09:09:00+1000 2007-04-05T09:39:00+1000 Seal Rocks Little Seal Rocks 1 Gutter VR2C-7718 21 Brett Louden 2008-03-04T09:05:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2008-02-04T12:40:29+1030 2008-03-05T05:58:30+1030 60 nm closure GU0140 VR2W-102603 Bruce Barker 2008-03-10T05:07:10+1030 RECOVERED