Receiver Recovery List

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Deployment Details Recovery Details
Initialisation Date Deployment Date Installation Station Station Location Receiver Deployment Location Receiver Depth Receiver Recovery Recovered By Receiver Recovery Location Recovery Date Status
. 2007-04-19T11:10:00+1000 2007-04-19T11:20:00+1000 Cook Island Cook Island VR2C-4917 11 Brett Louden 2008-08-08T08:10:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-24T09:26:00+1000 2007-04-24T09:36:00+1000 Forster The Barge VR2C-7710 29 Brett Louden 2008-02-28T11:45:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-29T09:05:00+1000 2007-04-29T09:15:00+1000 Forster The Pinnacle 2 Shallow Gutter VR2C-7707 26 Brett Louden 2008-02-28T10:06:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-04-29T09:05:00+1000 2007-04-29T09:15:00+1000 Forster The Pinnacle 1 Deep Gutter VR2C-7705 35 Brett Louden 2008-02-28T10:06:00+1100 RECOVERED
. 2007-05-05T10:20:00+1000 2007-05-05T10:30:00+1000 Solitary Islands Marine Park Pimpernel Rock VR2C-7694 27 Brett Louden 2008-05-15T10:15:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-07-03T09:00:00+1000 2007-07-03T09:30:00+1000 Sydney Magic Point VR2C-4920 19 Brett Louden 2008-06-11T11:05:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-07-03T10:30:00+1000 2007-07-03T11:00:00+1000 Sydney Clovelly Pool VR2C-4923 16 Brett Louden 2008-06-12T11:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-07-26T09:05:00+1000 2007-07-26T09:15:00+1000 Broughton Broughton Island 1 Sth Looking Glass VR2C-5442 21 Brett Louden 2008-05-06T09:20:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-07-26T10:05:00+1000 2007-07-26T10:15:00+1000 Broughton Broughton Island 2 Nth Looking Glass VR2C-5448 16 Brett Louden 2008-05-06T11:15:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-07-26T10:50:00+1000 2007-07-26T11:00:00+1000 Broughton Broughton Island 3 East Head VR2C-5443 11 Brett Louden 2008-05-06T14:10:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-07-26T12:05:00+1000 2007-07-26T12:15:00+1000 Broughton Broughton Island 4 Shark Gutter (Deep) VR2C-5438 11 Brett Louden 2008-05-06T13:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-07-26T13:00:00+1000 2007-07-26T13:10:00+1000 Broughton Broughton Island 5 North Rock VR2C-5434 15 Brett Louden 2008-05-06T12:20:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-08-07T00:00:00+1000 2007-08-07T07:00:00+1000 Osprey Reef Entrance wall VR2W-101337 12 Andy Dunstan 2007-08-08T07:19:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-08-08T00:00:00+1000 2007-08-08T07:30:00+1000 Osprey Reef Admiralty Osprey VR2W-101337 17 Andy Dunstan 2007-08-25T10:32:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-08-08T06:29:00+1000 2007-08-08T06:30:00+1000 Osprey Reef Entrance wall VR2W-101335 12 Andy Dunstan 2008-03-31T07:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-08-08T07:15:00+1000 2007-08-08T07:30:00+1000 Osprey Reef Raging Horn VR2W-101338 17 Francisca Maron 2007-12-09T07:45:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-08-25T00:00:00+1000 2007-08-25T10:33:00+1000 Osprey Reef North Entrance point VR2W-101337 12 Andy Dunstan 2007-12-12T16:54:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-08-28T10:00:00+1000 2007-08-28T10:30:00+1000 Sydney Gordons Bay VR2C-5451 9 Brett Louden 2008-06-11T15:10:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2007-09-13T12:38:26+0000 2009-04-01T00:00:00+0000 Lady Elliot Island SEQ LEI_Tubes VR2W-101735 Kathy Townsend 2009-11-12T09:47:55+0000 RECOVERED
. 2007-09-13T13:41:44+0000 2008-06-18T00:26:00+0000 IMOS-ATF CTBAR CTBAR Outside OLD VR2W-101758 20.5 Kate Lee 2008-10-09T00:50:00+0000 RECOVERED