Receiver Recovery List

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Deployment Details Recovery Details
Initialisation Date Deployment Date Installation Station Station Location Receiver Deployment Location Receiver Depth Receiver Recovery Recovered By Receiver Recovery Location Recovery Date Status
. 2017-05-23T23:30:00+1000 2017-05-24T08:40:00+1000 Wenlock River PM Ducie Namaleeda AR VR2AR-545961 Ross Dwyer 2017-11-20T14:05:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-11-20T23:30:00+1000 2017-11-21T09:26:00+1000 Wenlock River Skardon AR VR2AR-545961 Ross Dwyer 2018-11-08T11:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-05-22T23:30:00+1000 2017-05-23T17:15:00+1000 Wenlock River Pennefather AR VR2AR-545962 Ross Dwyer 2017-11-22T08:15:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2016-12-14T23:30:00+1000 2016-12-15T08:00:00+1000 Wenlock River PM Mouth North AR VR2AR-545962 Ross Dwyer 2017-05-22T12:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2018-11-07T16:00:00+1000 Wenlock River PM to Jaine AR VR2AR-545962
. 2017-11-21T23:30:00+1000 2017-11-22T09:30:00+1000 Wenlock River Janie Creek AR VR2AR-545962 Ross Dwyer 2018-11-07T09:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2018-11-10T14:00:00+1000 Wenlock River PM Wenlock AR VR2AR-545963
. 2016-12-15T23:30:00+1000 2016-12-16T08:10:00+1000 Wenlock River PM Ducie Namaleeda AR VR2AR-545963 Ross Dwyer 2017-05-22T13:00:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-11-22T23:30:00+1000 2017-11-23T12:08:00+1000 Wenlock River Ducie to PM AR VR2AR-545963 Ross Dwyer 2018-11-10T12:15:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-05-22T23:30:00+1000 2017-05-23T18:50:00+1000 Wenlock River Janie Creek AR VR2AR-545963 Ross Dwyer 2017-11-22T09:20:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-06-01T00:00:00+1000 2017-06-02T11:00:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_02.4 VR2AR-545986 5 Russ Bradford 2018-08-16T10:37:00+1000 LOST
. 2016-08-21T05:28:52+0000 2016-08-31T10:56:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_01.3 VR2AR-545987 5 Russ Bradford 2017-06-02T10:49:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2015-07-07T07:00:00+1000 2016-08-31T11:21:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_10.3 VR2AR-545988 Russ Bradford 2017-06-02T10:27:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-06-01T00:00:00+1000 2017-06-02T09:11:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_09.4 VR2AR-545989 5 Russ Bradford 2018-08-16T12:19:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2016-08-21T05:28:52+0000 2016-08-31T10:06:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_05.3 VR2AR-545991 5 Russ Bradford 2017-06-02T11:32:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-06-01T00:00:00+1000 2017-06-02T09:32:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_05.4 VR2AR-545992 5 Russ Bradford 2018-08-16T12:04:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2016-08-21T05:28:52+0000 2016-08-31T10:32:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_02.3 VR2AR-545994 5 Russ Bradford 2017-06-02T10:05:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2015-08-21T05:28:52+0000 2016-08-31T09:32:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_09.3 VR2AR-545995 5 Russ Bradford 2017-06-02T09:08:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-06-01T00:00:00+1000 2017-06-02T10:28:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_10.4 VR2AR-545995 5 Russ Bradford 2018-08-16T10:37:00+1000 RECOVERED
. 2017-06-01T00:00:00+1000 2017-06-02T10:52:00+1000 Corner Inlet, Victoria WP_01.4 VR2AR-545996 5 Russ Bradford 2018-08-16T10:37:00+1000 LOST