Receiver Recovery List

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Deployment Details Recovery Details
Initialisation Date Deployment Date Installation Station Station Location Receiver Deployment Location Receiver Depth Receiver Recovery Recovered By Receiver Recovery Location Recovery Date Status
. 2012-08-21T05:28:52+0000 2014-06-13T13:45:00+1000 Hawks Nest, NSW HN A8 VR2W-103368 Russ Bradford 2015-02-25T15:17:00+1100 LOST
. 2012-08-21T05:28:52+0000 2014-06-13T10:28:00+1000 Hawks Nest, NSW HN B12 VR2W-109632 Russ Bradford 2015-02-25T11:36:00+1100 LOST
. 2007-04-17T11:05:00+1000 2007-04-17T11:15:00+1000 Forster Latitude Rock 2 NE VR2C-7692 8 Brett Louden 2008-04-17T23:59:00+1000 LOST
. 2011-06-23T07:50:00+1000 2011-06-23T08:00:00+1000 Forster The Barge VR2W-101652 29 Brett Louden 2012-06-23T23:59:00+1000 LOST
. 2012-07-29T10:05:00+1000 2012-07-29T10:15:00+1000 Forster The Pinnacle 2 Shallow Gutter VR2W-107370 26 Brett Louden 2013-07-29T23:59:00+1000 LOST
. 2008-03-16T09:05:00+1100 2008-03-16T09:15:00+1100 Seal Rocks Big Seal Rocks 2 The Cavern VR2C-7181 13 Brett Louden 2010-05-25T10:00:00+1000 LOST
. 2018-02-08T00:00:00+0000 2018-02-08T23:28:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Narooma line N6 VR2AR-546550 37 James van den Broek 2019-02-10T00:49:00+0000 LOST
. 2018-04-24T20:53:00+0000 2018-04-25T00:00:00+0000 IMOS-ATF / OTN Maria Island line MIL 14 VR2AR-546255 90 Fabrice Jaine 2019-05-04T01:10:00+0000 LOST
. 2010-02-11T06:05:00+0000 2010-02-11T06:10:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Coffs Harbour line CH 11 VR2W-101877 30 Andre Steckenreuter 2012-06-19T00:55:00+1000 LOST
. 2017-11-14T00:00:00+0000 2018-08-16T23:35:01+0000 IMOS-ATF Coffs Harbour line CHS 8 VR4-UWM-250586 36 James van den Broek 2019-08-28T00:00:00+0000 LOST
. 2017-05-01T00:00:00+1000 2017-05-04T13:00:00+1000 Hawks Nest, NSW BiB 01.1 VR2AR-545697 4 Russ Bradford 2018-09-10T10:05:00+1000 LOST
. 2011-09-22T12:29:11+0000 2011-09-24T00:13:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Rowley Shoals RS 19 VR2W-113120 12 Andre Steckenreuter 2013-04-09T10:13:00+0800 LOST
. 2010-08-24T00:00:00+0000 2010-08-25T01:58:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Orpheus Island ORPH 3 VR2W-109083 8 Phillip McDowall 2011-05-27T23:30:00+0000 LOST
. 2010-08-24T00:00:00+0000 2010-08-25T02:35:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Orpheus Island ORPH 4 VR2W-109076 14.4 Phillip McDowall 2011-05-27T23:30:00+0000 LOST
. 2008-08-25T00:00:00+0000 2008-08-31T23:30:00+0000 Wenlock River Old Shack VR2W-103556 3 Hamish Campbell 2008-12-09T00:00:00+0000 LOST
. 2011-08-06T00:00:00+0000 2011-08-31T23:30:00+0000 Wenlock River Hudson Left VR2W-110435 3 Hamish Campbell 2012-08-22T00:00:00+0000 LOST
. 2008-01-24T00:00:00+0000 2008-01-24T10:30:00+0900 IMOS-ATF Ningaloo Reef Central Line CL11 VR2W-101857 20 Andre Steckenreuter 2008-08-23T10:00:00+0800 LOST
. 2012-02-20T00:00:00+0000 2012-02-21T22:19:00+0000 IMOS-ATF Narooma line N7 VR2W-106660 17.5 Andre Steckenreuter 2012-11-15T01:18:00+0000 LOST
. 2010-02-17T00:00:00+0000 2010-02-23T02:25:36+0000 IMOS-ATF / OTN Perth line PRT53 VR2W-104516 193 James van den Broek 2010-11-21T00:30:00+0000 LOST
. 2009-01-26T00:00:00+0000 2009-05-12T23:24:31+0000 IMOS-ATF / OTN Perth line PRT53 VR2W-104488 193 James van den Broek 2010-02-13T22:30:00+0000 LOST