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ID Model Serial Number Project Code Map Ping ID Code Transmitter Type Status
A69-1303-75002 V13 1071350 NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) A69-1303 75002 PINGER DEPLOYED
A69-9001-301813 V13 1107913 NSW DPI Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) A69-9001 301813 PINGER DEPLOYED
A69-1303-1048679 V13 9543 NSW DPI (Artificial Reef Network) A69-1303 1048679 PINGER DEPLOYED
A69-1303-1083964 V16 64950 QLD Large Shark Tagging Program A69-1303 1083964 PINGER DEPLOYED
A69-9002-1148129 V16AP 1148129 Townsville Reefs A69-9002 1148129 PINGER DEPLOYED
A69-9002-1184587 V16 1184587 IMOS-ATF Heron Island A69-9002 1184587 PINGER NEW
A69-9001-1211916 V13 22528 IMOS-ATF / CSIRO Ningaloo Reef Ecosystem Tracking Array (NRETA) A69-9001 1211916 PINGER DEPLOYED
A69-1602-1310945 V9 1310945 Tracking Australian eels to crack the mystery of their migration A69-1602 1310945 PINGER DEPLOYED